Accuphase DP-65V

I am new here,but here I find many interest things aboute the brand Accuphase and Dynaudio,brands who I love and I use.
So,I need help ,(if is posibil),with a pertinent adviced.
My sistem is formated on Accuphase E406V integrated amplifier,Accuphase DP-65V cd player,and Dynaudio Sapphire speaker.
My question is if anybody here in comparation the cd player DP-65V with another upper model,(DP-75V,DP-77,DP-78,DP-500),and if can say me if is a bigger diference in sound if I make this upgrade,and,(I here,for exemple,lyke DP-75v is not so good in bass section lyke others..????).
And,If I dream on the future to change the integrated amplifier E-406V with a Preamplifier/Amplifier,(for exemple C-275 with P-650???).
Is a big improuvement if I make this change,or not?
I will mentioned I will only accuphase,and I keep the "Sapphire".
Please when is somebody here who have made this,experince,to tell me his opinion.
Sorry for my bad english,and thanks in advance.
I went from a DP-65 to a DP-75V and the difference was significant and better in every aspect without going into detail. I held onto the 75V for 7 years.
A friend of mine went from 65V to DP-500. Big difference.
I have not heard DP-65V but I have owned both DP-500 and DP-67. I preferred the older DP-67 to the new DP-500. The DP-500 is very slight bit more extended in top end but it has some unpleasant coloration in the midrange. I found DP-67 just more musical and better sounding player.
If Accuphase brand is not obligatory then you may consider Marantz SA-1 it beats both by a large margin.
Thanks for your answers,Linkster,Elberoth2 and Plutos.
If anybody can tell me more,please do that,I wait!
Hi...I'm new here...I have an Accuphase DP-65, which I bought brand new and have kept in mint condition...but the right channel went out and does not send signals to the pre-amp, can anyone recommend a place where they can service and repair it? I live in Los Angeles. Thank you in advance...