Accuphase A-65

Comments on the new Accuphase A-65 please. How it sounds compare to the A-60? Thank you.
I am also interested. I have an A-60 and I'm curious about the new A-65.

Hi Memo84,

I am sure you are happy with the A-60 but what improvements are you looking forward if you consider upgrading to A-65? What are your preamp, CD player and speakers?
Hi Ah023,

I am very happy with A-60, probably one of the best Accuphase class A amplifier ever made.

Now I am using Accuphase DP-700 connected directly to the power amplifier A-60 in balanced mode (using Accuphase SLC-10)
The speakers are Dynaudio Contour 1.3Mk2, and the room is small.
I need a preamplifier, maybe an C-2410 or a C-2800 second hand. (although the C-2810 is my dream, but very expensive for me).

It's possible the new A-65 will be a little bit better than the A-60.

I will test the new A-65 soon... (i hope so).
Thank you for your reply. Please post your comments once you have the opportunity to test the new A-65.
User comments please on the Accuphase A-65 . Thank you.
I think A45V is good enough for your Dynaudio Contour 1.3Mk2. A60 will be good if you have full range speaker.
Maybe if you downgrade power from A60 to A45V, you can get C-2810.

How does the Accuphase A-60 or A-65 compared to Pass Labs XA60.5?

I'm using Harbeth M40.1 speakers.

There is a real good synergy between accuphase amps and Harbeths.