Will Accuphase A65 Class A be sufficient for Magic

Dear All,

I am considering getting an Accuphase A65 Class A ( 65 watt class A into 8 ohms & 120 watt into 4 ohms) power amp for my Magico V2. I would like to ask if anyone have experience on similar situations.

There are a couple of factors that need to be considered.

First, is your room medium to small in size? If yes, you need a lot less power than you would if your room were large.

Second, I just looked at the specs and see that the amp weighs 95 lbs. (43 kg.). This suggests that it has high energy storage and big torodials, which means a serious power supply. A large power supply allows the amp to accurately reproduce large musical transients, i.e., deliver large amounts of instantaneous power, which is the circumstance that most tends to test an amplifier's power - in this regard, the amp's continuous output (of 65 watts per channel) is somewhat irrelevant. Finally, Accuphase claims that the power doubles down all the way to 1 Ohm - if true, this would reaffirm the serious nature of the power supply.

The answer, therefore, is that this amp will be fine, provided that your system is being used in normal-sized room.