AC Wire Help!!

Hi; I just moved to a new place and would like to run 2 or 3 lines directly from the fuse box. Can any one recommend a power cable is safe and powerful enough to do the job? Thank you very much, joey
To meet the electrical code your going to need to know the length of the run, the amount of power required at the destination. If you talk to the local building inspector he can direct you to the proper electrical code or look it up on the net.
As Ranger noted, this is defined by code. However, there is a different spec for 15 (typical for home) or 20 amp service, and/or if you want isolation grounding (has extra ground wire). If you are putting in a dedicated circuit for your AV stuff, make it a 20 amp circuit with isolation grounding (typically comercial). Any decent electrician knows what the this means, knows your local code, and knows about isolation grounding (just ask him/her). They may look at you strangely because 20 amp IG circuits are commercial, but stay firm, they will install them for you. One just cost me about $100 for parts and install.