Vienna Bachs vs Meadowlark Kestrels vs other?

I am trying to put together a 5 channel system based around a pair of (relatively slim) floorstanders in the $1500 range. Use will be about 65% music, 35% home theater. I will drive them with a good solid-state AV receiver (haven't purchased yet but probably a Denon 4802). I listen to modern and classic rock, with the occasional jazz and pipe organ thrown in for good measure.

Any comparisons or experiences with VA Bachs vs the Kestrels (or other ideas?). Also, for Kestrel supporters, what would be a good timber matching rear speaker? The Vireo is too darn chunky to place well in my room.

THe Meadowlarks are an excellent speaker.There are a # of them used on this site,An audition with any speaker is preferable.The Viena Accoustics also are another fine choice though very different than the Meadowlarks.Another you should ad to your list is the Von Schweikert VR 3.5s or VR 4 gennIIIs.As a dealer for two of these brands my preference lies with the VSAs as the best value and sound for use in both menus.
I'd recommend the Audio Physic Tempos. They can be found for around $1500 used.
I heard the Bachs and Kestrals side by side with exact same equip (Arcam CD and VTL integ amp) in a dealer showroom.
The Bachs were a little smoother and fuller sounding, but the difference in sound was small.
In terms of looks, its another story. The Bach's are much better looking if that's important to you.
I own the Bach's and have heard the Kestrels. Both are very fine speakers. I think that I would own a pair of Kestrels if the shop I first stopped in didn't have such a jerk for a salesman. If I were to buy the Kestrels it would be the Hotrod version.
The Vienna acoustics line also sounds as good as it looks.
Good luck.
Thanks very much for the info. Now I just need to find a place to audition some decent speakers. It's pretty limited here in SW Virginia.