Lumin D2 DAC - worth it to upgrade?

Hey guys -

I listen to Tidal on a Lumin D2 - I use the internal DAC connected to an Anthem AVM 60 via RCA jacks (I use the Anthem as a switching device since my home theater and reference stereo music system are part of a single broader system). The Anthem in turn feeds an MC452 amp and Focal Kanta 2 speakers.

My question is - how good is the Lumin DAC compared to standalone DACs? It sounds really good to me - but I have never used a separate DAC before and am wondering if I will hear a significant and easily discernible upgrade in SQ by using a separate DAC like the brooklyn mytek DAC+? I want the absolute best SQ I can get with my system and am willing to get a separate DAC in the 4-5K range (used or new) if the gains will be super obvious and impressive.

Thanks for the advice and opinions in advance!
It is exceptional good. It uses the same dac as the Lumin A1. We are lumin dealer and specialist. We have a Pro modification for the D2. When you compare the A1 and D2 with our Pro modification, it outperforms the A1 on all 8 parts of sound.

We used better and more expensive parts than they use in the A1. The D2+ Pro modification did outperform many dac/streamer combos even over 10.000 dollar.
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How much better is the T2 compared to the D2?

The T2 is much better  then the D2, the D2 is based on the older D1 platform with a few updates.

The new T2 is based on the X1 and shares some of its technology and sound quality just not as much of it.

The T2 uses dual Ess Sabre 9028 pro chips vs the X1 which uses dual 9038 pro chips which are even lower in distortion.

The analog stage does away with the expensive Luhendel transformer and external power supply.

So the take away is the T2 is superb sounding and dramatically eclipses the sound quality of the older platform and offers some of the magic of the T2, the image float and density of the X1 is extraordinary, you get some of the same sound just not as magical.

However for the price the T2 is pretty special.

Dave and Troy

Audio Doctor NJ Lumin dealers

Hi.  No one really answered his question; would an external DAC provide a batter sound?  Meanwhile, what does you D2+ Pro do and how much?  I am interested in buying a D2, once I decide what to do with my old Bel Canto DAC 1.5.Thank you.Paul
It really depends on the dac, a D1 will sound as good or better than many similarly priced dacs, would it sound as good as the better $4k ish dacs no.

A D1 to a D2 doesn't get you much improvement, the D1 or D2 to a T2 is big difference in performance.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Lumin dealers