AC outlets

I'm considering replacing my 20 amp Hospital grade ac outlets by Leviton, for better audio quality outlets.
I read a review that ACME ac outlets are a good value @ $45.00 and Mastro outlets @ $89.00 are also recommended.
If you use either of these I'd like to know your impressions. Or, if you replaced your ac outlets which did you chose.
I'm using solid state components.

Also, did anyone find replacing the ac face plate improve your system?


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P.I Audio's UberPuerto's. $80. Modified Hubbel 5632's. Graphene at the connectors...I've got 7 in my incoming UberBuss. And 3 more for my dedicated lines to replace the hospital grade 20A outlets.

Look into them. Contact Dave at P.I. Audio.
I have Furutech. But ended up using PS Audio. 

There's a company I've bought power cords from called Ice Age Audio. Never tried their outlets, but they seem to be of good quality and are cryogenically treated, for whatever that is worth. Prices seem pretty reasonable too. 
Synergistic Research will be laughing all the way to your listening area.
See oldhvy we agree on some things. Even you have limits to how much snake oil you can stomach.


The cost is always an issue for me.. 150.00 fuses and 10K cables are wonderful. at 15.00 for the fuse and 1K mostly for materials on the cables. :-0

To be honest if someone gave me a fancy outlet, I'd use it. I'd take an SR Blue or Orange, any time.  It may sound funny but that GOO really has an effect. A gallon bucket would be nice.. million dollar bucket..

Bling is good.. I like bling on a good lookin girl.. JUST BLING. 
A necklace and a hat will do. :-)

I also think the "settling effect" of just plugging in a couple of times and leave it alone. In a couple of weeks, it gets close to the instant GOO effect of SR.  My concoction works good enough it's just a contact enhancer.
That STUFF, GOO, has been used in the UK for 50 years. Here in harsh environments more so.. Few different types too. Wolfercoat is full of goodies. (german), just like certain Never-Seize products..
It dampens a product through contact alone... Cost 40.00 usd.

The REAL GOO, a million dollars an ounce.. NO THANKS..