Abs Sound - Stereophile top tables ' 75-'85 are?

Hi All,
Having thrown away all my old magazines, I am wondering what the top rated turntables during this time period were. I value Agoners impressions, but would find it interesting to see what the magazine reviewers thought back then. This interest arose when, after searching for a Yamaha PX-2 based on current owners impressions, I found an Absolute Sound review from 1984 that caused me to re-think getting one.
If anyone out there has the relevant issues and is willing to list the higher rated tables it would be a boon to those of us looking for vintage models that are excellent performers.
Here are the turntables listed in "Recommended Components" in Stereophile volume 8 number 6 (issue 76), October 1985:

Class A: Goldmund Studio, SOTA Sapphire Star (vacuum hold-down), VPI HW-19.

Class B: Linn Sondek LP-12, SOTA Sapphire.

Class C: Acoustic Research reissue, Ariston RD-40.

Class D: Dual 505-2.

Class K (not reviewed, but "we have reason to believe may be excellent performers"): Sonographe, Dunlop Systemdek, Maplenoll, Elite Rock, Merrill.

I suspect that the Oracle turntable would have been listed in Class B or higher, except that it may not have been in production at that particular time due to financial difficulties I seem to recall the company as having.

-- Al
Linn Axis may have come about a tad later in the 80's but surely deserves a mention. Mine matched with Denon DL103R cart is still delivering some stunning sound 25 years + later. Did I just jinx myself?
I used to have a SOTA Sapphire Star (vacuum hold-down)and an ET2 tonearm. Great combo. However, when the Well-Tempered Classic came along later, I replaced the SOTA/ET2 setup with the Well-Tempered.
I think that John Bicht's brilliant Versa Dynamics table and the Forsell came out at the end of this time period. I have heard both and they are quite good. On the other hand one has to wonder if they have wandered into the land of the needlessly complex as well.

That weird table, that I think that they still make, that read the groove with a laser is also from the same time period. The name escapes me.....probably with good reason.
okay. Here you go:

Issue #9, 1976: Editor's Choice: Technics SP-10, Kenwood KD500, Sony 2251, Sony 3000/3000a.

Issue #?, 1978: Editor's Choice: Denon DP-6000, Kenwood KD500, Denon DP-3000.

Issue #18, 6/80, Editor" choice: Linn-Sondek LP-12, The Winn SCD-10, Yamaha PX-2.

Issue #19, 9/80, Editor's Choice: same as #19, plus: Rega Planar, Denon/VPI DD hybrid.
Thanks Everybody for the info so far, several interesting models I wasn't really aware of, for which I'll keep my eyes out when turntable hunting (like the Ariston RD40 and Winn SCD-10).
If anyone is aware of the Stereophile TT ratings prior to '85, that info would be greatly appreciated as well.