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I have been reading that the Redbook CD performance of Sony's 9000ES CD/SACD/DVD player is REALLY inferior compared to mid level CD players (like Cambridge Audio's D-500SE). To anybody who made or experienced this comparison, is this accurate?

To anybody who got their 9000ES modified, do the improvement on Redbook CD performance justify the cost?

i also have a 9000es sacd player. i visited dan from modwright and we demo'd modified and unmodified versions of the 9000es player. the mods made a huge difference in redbook cd playback. IMO, the sony sacd players (scd-1, 777es, and the 9000es) are very good sacd players but are not that good at playing redbook cd's. If you are into sacd, any of the sacd players mentioned above are very good, (along with the marantz sacd players) but if you want a very good cd player, look at a good cd only player. I purchased a $2500 cd only player from Classe and i am very pleased with it. also, the 9000es is a very good dvd player.
Thanks for the response. BTW, I got the player a month ago and I love it! Build quality is superb. SACD is awesome. I'm thinking of getting a DAC for playing Redbook CD's. Any suggestions?
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March 17, 2003

I have compared it with 300GBP player.