Sony 9000ES mods

Does anyone know of someone who does Audio output stage modification to this DVD player?
Go to Dan does very good work and is extremely honest.
Dan Wright, of Modwright and Stan Warren, the old 'S' of PS Audio. They are the two biggest mod guys that are discussed on this forum, I have heard more from modwright customers but I have heard only good about them both. Good luck and let us know how you make out :-)Tim The Tire Guy
TIM THE TIRE GUY!!!! We need a how the heck are ya section?
GOOD TO SEE YOU! Sorry I am yelling, I am just so excited!

Underwoodwally, while we never met, I met your dad a few times. WOnderful guy and we got some great deals on Sonic Frontiers stuff. I'll have to give you an email and see what ya got cookin' -

Kasboot, What do you think of the Sony? I have been looking into them since our digital out went kapoot on our current player.
Before sending your gear to anybody, you might want to do some investigating on your own. Before having someone "tear into" something that i owned, i would first want to find out:

1) How long they have been modifying gear professionally ?

2) What is their background in terms of understanding circuitry ?

3) Who taught them what they know ? Other business affiliations ?

4) how they select the specific components or sections of the circuitry to prioritize in terms of modifications ?

5) how they choose what specific brand of products (holco, vishay, roderstein for resistors, black gate, wonder, Axon for caps, etc...) to replace the existing components ?

6) What is their warranty on their work ? After all, their "mods" WILL probably void the manufacturers warranty.

7) If you don't like the results, what are your options ?

8) How many different brands / types of products have they "modified" ?

9) Do they have some type of insurance ? Besides the possibility of them damaging your expensive unit while "tinkering", what would happen if it was stolen, their "shop" caught on fire, had water / flood damage, electrical surges, etc... ???

10) Do you feel confident in their skills / knowledge after talking to them ?

I think you get the idea. Cover your "assets" BEFORE shipping or finding out the hard way. It takes NO talent, skill or knowledge to be a "parts swapper". Anyone can remove "generic" Part A and replace it with "brand name" Part B. To have someone better a design that was already well thought out and executed takes skill, knowledge and experience. I would hate to have the unit that "Joe Modifier" was doing all of his "learning / experimenting" on. Believe me, i see that type of work EVERY day. It is NOT pretty nor cheap to repair. Sean
Sean covered all the right bases. Modification of audio gear seems to go through cycles of interest..or lack of it.

Currently, it seems to be very localized on CD players, especially some of the SACD players. There seems to be a feeling that the audio sections of these units, mainly op-amps, can be improved. It would be great if people that have these modified units could do a review here on A'goN.

Some years back, there were several people doing mods on Audio Research pre-amps and other gear. There are still some, but they don't seem to be in the press/net as much as the CD modifications are.

A question. In the field of high-performance cars, be they sports cars or hot-rods, aftermarket upgrades and modifications are quite accepted, even adding value to the car in some cases. Like what Dinan does for BMW's. Perhaps with more press/reviews/owner talk, some of the best of the modifications could become more of a known rather than a question.
Hi: My unit was modded by Stan. The difference is dramatic (and for the better...). His phone:541/344-3696. Another fellow I I heard of is Richard Kern ( He did numerous mods on all or most kinds of SACD Players. AudioAsylum is full of highly positive reviews of his works.
Whoever you choose, Good luck
Simontju- what changes did you "hear"?
How expensive was it?
How long did it take?
(why is the sky blue? sheesssh).
Sorry for so many questions. thanks in advance.
Angela100: I believe, you send me e-mail with the same questions. If it was somebody else then price $250, Changes are vast particularly in hi-freq area: detail, dimention of soundstage, imaging, more correct timbre. Wait time? There is no free lunch, Angela. Many people know and appreciate Stan work, so into the "waiting line" as everybody else. Finally, I forgot why sky is blue, sorry
Good luck.
Simon,I didn't send an email so thanks so much for replying here. It would seem that you have raised some interest. And I wasn't implying free lunch, just trying to understand the time that it would take for planning purposes. and thanks for trying on the blue sky question! cheers -
Dave Herren of Audio Alternative is another really good modifyer. He mods, DVD players, CD Players, Dacs, transports, Amps, Preamps. He lives in Portland Oregon. His number is 503-297-1127