A little History lesson on, "High- End" cables:

Inquiring minds might want to know, how the High-End cable market all got started.  Expiring minds?   Well......   (http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/a-short-history-of-high-end-cables/)

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If you calculate the resistance of typical speaker cables at DC vs 20,000 Hz, for 2 meters of 8 gauge wire is 0.008 Ohms for DC and 0.016 Ohms for the skin effect at 20,000 Hz. Put this in series with a 4 Ohm DC resistance Magnepan speaker and compare the total impedance. Skin effect accounts for less than 0.02 dB at higher frequencies than anyone can hear. Therefore, if a cable company advertises by claiming to correct for skin effect: litz construction or flat ribbon cables, that should discredit them in general.
PS. Don't feel bad, nonoise, I just saw an advertisement for tungsten innerconnect cables claiming crazier than what you just lampooned.