A little extra insurance on the cheap-Shipping

when shipping out gear I ran across a mattress/futon shop who sells off their scrap foam for next to nothing.I would impagine most cities have a local bedding/futon/foam shop. A good way to fill in the gaps in the factory packaging. I filled in the gaps of a Rowland wood crate for $2.
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The Futon

An uncomfortable sofa that makes into an equally uncomfortable bed.

But hey, a Rowland amp doesn't care :^).
"FOAM" stores will usually sell a 75-90 gallon bag
of clean soft-medium foam scrap pieces for about $19.

Sheets of soft foam are actually quite costly.
One sheet of 24x60x3" soft-medium foam can run around $60 per piece.
Adds up fast if you used this on all six inner sides.
Suggest this when shipping Apogee's in the same box or crate.
Use it between them (3"), and make sure all sides are very secure.

Anyway, foam (and bubble pack) are far better choices than peanuts
(which should really only be used as fill).


Anyone ever consider using 2" rigid foam insulation available from any builder's supply to completely encase the OEM box, taped securely? I guess the trick would be to then find a suitably sized outer box. If a source of sheet cardboard could be located, you could fashion your own - it wouldn't have to be pretty.

Right on both counts, Albert.