A good subwoofer

I'm thinking about a good subwoofer to compliment a pair of Totem model 1's. Any suggestions?
HSU VTF-2. Read reviews on www.hsuresearch.com and one addresses your very speakers in combo with a VTF-2. I own one with Soliloquy 5.0s and love the combo.
REL Stratus III or Storm III. Easy to integrate with just about any speaker, and since they do not use a crossover, they let your favorite main speakers play full range. You'll continue to enjoy the sound you are use to and more.
I second that motion, Sugarbrie. My REL Strata III integrates seamlessly with my mains and so does my friends Storm III. The most "musical" sub I have heard yet, excepting the $5000 Aeriel sub.
There is no question that the subs made by REL, Velodyne, Vandersteen, and others are excellent, and the best for music. However, if you are on a budget, or want to try a sub without a high initial outlay of money, may I suggest the 12" Acoustic Research AR-S300? It is a powered sub with a built-in, 300-watt Carver Sunfire amp. The sub can be purchased for $400 (MSRP is $650), plus shipping, from an authorized online dealer, Accessories4less.com. I am currently using a pair of these subs with my Vandersteen 3A Signature main speakers, and am very pleased with them. They do a very good lent job with both music and video. The sub accepts several different methods for connection, has a crossover that ranges from 40-120 Hz, has a switch for both music and video (which changes the response somewhat), and is of reasonable size. If interested, go to the following Web site: http://www.accessories4less.com/advscripts/prodlist.asp?area=53
I think that the Velodyne HGS-10 and HGS-12 do a fantastic job with music ( there are better ones for HT ). These small Velodyne's use the same motor structure and amp as the 15 and 18 subs. Finding a good position and setting are a bit of work as with any sub but it is very satifying. Sometimes I still shut it off on the best recorded music but it fills in the gap when I want my little monitors to ROCK.
Hi, again, Cwells. In my first post, I mentioned that the AR-S300 subwoofer was available online for $400 from "Accessories4less". In doing a subsequent search a short while ago (looking for an AR-S300 for my son's system), I found a better price: $350 plus $27 shipping.
(This total price is about $70 cheaper than the total price at Accessories4less.) The company selling the AR-S300 for the $350 price is JLH Wholesale, and the following link will take you to the correct Web page:
a pair of vmps subs - size dependant on yer room size. a marchand deluxe xm-9 active x-over, 24db/octave - an extremely transparent & wersatile piece, able to integrate 'most *any* speakers-n-subs. a decent used s/s amp (or two).

the above will set ewe back max $2.4k, & will compete w/the best out there at twice the price or more, even if ya buy used - deep, fast, accurate, extremely low distortion.

imho, of course! ;~) doug s.

ps - my set-up is audio-only, but i don't see why these woodn't be great for h-t, either... ;~)

hsu vtf2
best bang for the buck