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Robert Moog
Farewell Mr. MOOG.I hope there sweet songs atoning your arivial to the here after. 
The best CD Player for the money
This was an interesting discussion forum for the moment. I had to replace my CD player a year and a half ago because it was ailing and my dealer took great care of me and made it possible for me to purchase another CD player to which they recommen... 
Speakers to hang on to for LIFE
My Dynaudio 1.3se's.They are going in to the Bird's eye maple casket that I am purchasing. 
PS Audio power plants
Yes, a P300 is a very reasonable investment to add to your front end. If you want to protect and give some filtering to you amp and sub, get one or two Ultimate outlets. That will suffice and keep from having to spend so much on electro stuff. Tak... 
Best acoustic -natural instruments CD's
Jennifer Warnes, The Hunter.Very, very nice!Also, the 40's stuff buy Linda Ronstandt.Happy day 
Is it worth it?
I found that the Dynaudio Contour 1.3 SE is very satisfying and very easy to set up. They have the best midrange integration that I have ever heard. And those special tweeters created especially this speaker they are so smooth and clean. I cannot ... 
Pain in my butt
Yea, I understand that back thing. In the past two years I had to have a surgery that bolted seven of my vertebras together and fused them with bone from my hip in the thoracic spine area. This year, they went in through my chest and removed a tho... 
Power Conditioning, Regeneration and Cords
Most of the surge protectors limit you ramp and squeeze the like out of your front in. They are a good idea for protecting form surges but the sonic damage that they do is not worth it.I purchased a PS Audio PP300 for my front end and a 20 amp Ult... 
Which comm. speaker mfgr. makes the best cabinet?
Ah! Sorry MYRAJ. What and why. Well, I was leaving it as an all encompassing answer;Best cabinet? Dynaudio / Why, Dynaudio.I am sorry that was out of your understanding. In the future I will try to keep my all encompassing answers very clear. I ho... 
Best IC with SS system.
You cannot go wrong with Harmonic Technology cables. Try either the Pro Silway or the Magic cable system. Dale 
Highly Polished wire????
IT's the bonding!IT's the bonding!IT's the bonding!IT's the bonding!IT's the bonding!IT's the bonding!Oh snap out of it.Resistance cannot be futile. 
Which comm. speaker mfgr. makes the best cabinet?
Most Honest Audio Magazine?
No problem!Just vigorous discussion. No offence received or intended.I like discussing these areas. Many do treat science like religion and it turns into good debate. But that is okay for the individual. We all have the right to live as we choose.... 
HT Pro Silway II vs. HT Truthlink
The Pro Silway II's are excellent and are a notch above the TruthLink in my system. I do like the smoothness of the TruthLink on my turntable but the Silway gives the ultimate in detail and resolution. I do not experience the lack of bass or brigh... 
Most Honest Audio Magazine?
WOW Pbb? You hate GOD, ridicule creation, place science as god, and you love Bose speakers. Gee? Is there a pattern here? Dale