A good CD player for about $ 1,500 used?


I am putting together a second system in my bedroom and I am looking for a decent, used, CD player. My budget for the CD player is around $ 1,500. I listen to jazz music (mostly small combos/hard bop). The CD player in my main system is an Electrocompaniet ECM 1. Thank you for your help. Pablo.
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I would think a Meridian 508.24 would work quite nicely. They are getting a bit old now so it might be worth contacting Meridian regarding transport replacement availability and cost.

By the way the Goldring 1042 that I bought from you is working out very nicely.
Buy a new AH! Njoe Tjoeb 4000 with all the upgrades and enjoy.

$1,246.00 all decked out and ready to party.

I've had one for a couple years and couldn't be happier.

I bought a Muse model 9 sig gen 3 DVD/CD player and it sounds very close in performance to an Electrocompaniet ECM1UP, (whatever the exact name of their newest is). The Electro was more open and smooth but the Muse had a fuller range of midtones with similar bass. I bought mine for $1350 used.
An Audio Aero Prima can be had for about $1500 used. I listened to Linn Genki, Unison Unico CDP, Rega Planet; the Prima was much nicer than either of these. So far I have not heard a CDP that presents a piano with so much realism. There is a lot of information in the Agon archives about the Prima.

Good luck with your search.

If your looking for a great sounding CD player that seems to compete nicely aginst CD players in the $3500.00 to $4000.00 dollar range , i would recommend trying the Kavent CD-931 or the Kavent CD-831... the CD-831 has tubes and is a little warmer sounding and the CD -931 is a little more dynamic...The can be had for $899.00 for CD-931 and $999.00 for CD-831 brand new... They may even give a discount , but i can't promise... The Audio Aero Prima used is also a good choice...
www.kellsieavdesign.com - web site for Kavent
The Quad 99 CDP is a great CD player at $1500 MSRP list price. It is even a much better value at the $800-900 used price. It becomes an incredible value if you can use the internal variable volume control and connect it directly to a power amp, therefore eliminating the cost of a pre-amp.

The Quad 99 CDP was noticable more transparent in CD direct mode than my buddy's $4000 tube pre-amp and Meridian 508.24.

For about $850, the Quad is an excellent value in a used CD player.


I third the Meridian 508.24. I've had mine for over 5 years and have no desire to upgrade.
I've had mine for over 5 years and have no desire to upgrade.
Rosstaman, you're giving us audiophiles with upgrade-itis a bad name. Now scoot yerself over to that classifieds page and buy sumptin, will ya?
Thank you very much for your help. Right now I have a better idea about what kind of player I have to audition in the incoming weeks.
Seandtaylor: I am glad the 1042 has worked for you.
Boa2: I am confirming your point about the Wright Sound 3.5. I've already compared it to the Korneff 45 SE and the Wright Sounds a little bit better than the Korneff (at least in my system). I will compare it against a Golden Tube 300b next week and we will see.