A Bright Pair of Watt Puppys

I'd love some suggestions on taming my bright system. My Watt Puppy 6's are really bright and it often seems on many recordings as though the tweeter and midrange are just way louder and more dominant than the bass. Often, to get more bass punch (or just warmer sound) I find myself wanting to turn the volume up. This helps the bass level a bit but also sends the rest of the spectrum thru the roof: it gets very loud.

Although I assume my room is too small for these speaks and I need some treatment, can't believe this is the only issue here. Watching other woofers at CES for example, the things extend rapidly right out of the enclosures on systems that sounded warm to me. My drivers barely move at all. Just doesn't seem right.

Also was told by the designer of Genesis speakers that my amp isn't powerful enough to control the bass on the Watt Puppys. That was a surprise.

Here's my system configuration:
WP 6
BAT VK-600
Bat 31-SE Preamp
Kimber 3033 speaker cables
Synergistic Research Alpha Sterling ITC
Shanling CD-100 dual output cd player
Furman power conditioner
Room Size: 15 x 25

Any suggestions? Anyone?
just for the sake of experimentation, try a different front end. the hales will always be more articulate in the bass than a watt/puppy but the watt should play deep. as for the overall brightness you hear. i've always believed them to be very forward in the upper mids and highs. i suspect though, thats the plan when you want to sound detailed.
Have you experimented thoroughly with speaker placement? It sounds like a room problem, perhaps less about being too bright (though that may be true also) than about some big dips in the bass response. Have you taken any frequency response measurements?
Placement of the speakers is paramount with Wilson W/P's. Play a recording that has a good deal of bass, and start adjusting your speakers in very small increments. You can use tape on the floor or on the walls using a laser device on top of the watt's. and then tape the wall where the laser illuminates on it.

Ask a friend or spouse to help you, patience is a virtue. Eventually you will find a balance you can live with. Hopefully you will not have pulled all of the hair out of your head.
Unless you've got some hard wall, floor or ceiling surfaces I would suggest trying another speaker. Your supporting equipment is not bright so it must be a speaker and/or room interface problem. Every time I've heard Wilsons they have been on the fatiguing side. I'm a fan of Vandersteen because they aren't fatiguing to me, probably because if they err at all it is on the warm side. There are LOTS of speaker choices that will make a big difference so try them out if room treatements can't tame them. The room size is not an issue either, you've actually got a fairly large room. As a point of reference Harry Pearson has a smaller room and he has reported on a lot of large speaker systems.