6 weeks with my Marantz SA-14 v.2 SACD/CD player

Now that the honeymoon is over, the stereo's in place, and the dust has settled; I'm listening to the MUSIC again. How's it been? The Marantz is *wonderful* on the old-fashioned CD side. Same ole' digititis notwithstanding in massed symphonic strings, (though tolerable), I'm very impressed with its soundstage, focused bass, and exceptional transparency. Bass is much tighter and more focused than my Rega Planet, and the soundstage and transparency is just as good as the Musical Fidelity A308, without the latter's airiness and diffusion. Some CDs that I found particularly flat during orchestral tuttis are fleshed out to a surprising degree. The SACD side? I don't have much to say, and I mean this with profoundest of respect. "Relaxation" is the word that comes to mind, though don't be mislead to believe that this means no involvement, no excitement--quite the contrary, (though don't tell anyone I used this word), I find myself completely submitted. No adjusting seating positions, no cocking the head this way and that to optimize sound, etc. Has every SACD recording been perfect? Of course not: Gergiev's Shostakovich 7 on Philips was disappointingly resonant and diffuse, for instance; but even the bad recordings are superior to redbook in their ultimate presentation. With 2080 SACD recordings available, (Some of those in the "my thoughts on SACD" thread need to step outside and press their reality reset button!) and 3 new released a day, I'm a happy man.
I have the original SA-14, and also find it to be one outstanding player, especially after placing it atop the Neuance platform.


Were you able to make any comparisons with the original?
What is in the rest of your system?

I'm not familiar with the original version, but many of you owners seemed so happy with this wallflower player I went for the current model. The rest of my system: Musical Fidelity a308 integrated amp, Vandersteen 3a sigs, and Cardas Neutral reference bi-wired cables and interconnects. I have not messed with high-end A/C cords, and I don't think I have the energy left to research them!