infinity reniassance 90 tweeks?

i have a set of renaissance 90's, don't get me wrong i love them, but with some music or at loud volume levels the emim mid's seem overbearing. i have tried a few different amp's and pre-amps of different power ratings and controls and no matter what the mids are too much at times. does anyone have any suggestions? does anyone make a good pre amp with parametric eq adjustments or is there a good audiophile eq out there? has anyone done any tweeks to their speakers to resolve this problem? any input would be appreciated greatly!
It's not the speakers. The Ren 90s are very revealing speakers, which is what makes them great! It's garbage in, garbage out! Adding a pre-amp with an eq is like throwing a dead fish into the trash can...

I found that a low line AudioQuest (the red one)cable was helpfull in smoothing out the EMIMs. Try it on your CD player first. After that a switch to tubes helps.


P.S. Do you really have a Hemi Dakota? I have an R/T.
I owned a set of 90's for about 10 years. There is some truth to what Therudedog said. Just curious to what type of equipement, amps, preamps etc, that you have tried with your 90's? I found that with most mid-fi amps and preamps the 90s could be very detailed BUT also very fatiguing. I used to drive mine with a Marantz 105 watt 1/4 class A integrated amp and the sound was similar to what you describe. I also noticed this when hearing them at sound shops using similar electronics. When I upgraded to a Threshold amp and pre the sound improved dramaticly. Then they sounded so smooth that they were almost dull in comparison. Are you using a power conditioner? Also different cables can change the sound as well as room tuning. Are you listening to them with the grills on or off? They were designed to sound best with the grills on and IMO they do sound best that way. Another tweek I've heard of but have never tried is to get some thick felt and cut the center out to fit over the emim driver to reduce the sound reflection from the front baffle of the speaker although you will have to remove the grill covers. Good luck, hope this helps.
I own the Renaissance 80's. Therudedog is on target. If your electronics aren't up to the task, the 90's will tell you. Also, the room makes a huge difference. When I moved a few years ago, I didn't recognize the sound coming from my speakers even though the entire system was the same - but, the room configuration and placement of the furniture was very different. Be sure to place the speakers as far from the front wall as possible, play with
toe-in/toe-out, then tweak away. Also, the owner's manual states that angling the speakers slightly up (via the adjustable spikes) might help.
first of all, no i do not own a hemi dakota just always wanted one in my r/t. but dodge does make one now i hear, so maybe someday. now to the system. rotel rb1090 amp., rotel rcd1072 cd player, rc1070 pre. amp., kimber 4tc & 8tc speaker wires, and kimber kcag rca's. all equipment is new. from what i have learned all equipment needs burned in for a while especially the cables before i can truly judge the system. dont get me wrong it does sound very very good! just a little over bearing in the higher mids and highs at loud volume levels, but overall it is the flatest most natural sounding system i have ever heard! would like to thank all of you for the input. therudedog(a true infinity enthusiast) has been a lot of help with lots of good input that helped me in my research of what could be wrong or not wrong. i have decided not to do anything else until i have a couple hundred hours on the system. then i can truly know if it needs change.