6 or 8-channel DAC suggestions?

I'm considering a radical change in my system and would like to get your suggestions.

My system now is a regular stereo system with an optimized PC as server, DAC, Lamm LL2 pre, McIntosh MC275 amp, B&W 804S speakers and a pair of DIY Rythmik subs. The plan would be to keep the server and add Acourate and create digital crossovers there, then feed a multichannel DAC that will in turn directly drive an amp with each channel, and each amp will drive one speaker driver directly. No passive XO. So I would get a time-aligned actively multiamped pair of stereo speakers + 2 subwoofers.

Needs from the DAC:
1) Sound quality is of utmost importance.
2) minimum 6, preferably 8 channels.
3) good volume control.
4) compatible with Windows.
5) included ADC preferable (for easier measurements with Acourate).
6) DSD not very important as Acourate can't work with DSD. But maybe PCM can be converted to DSD...The driver here is best sound, regardless of format.
7) Up to $5k.

Here is a list I've put together with comments that hopefully trigger feedback from you:

- DEQX HDP-4: Above $5k, 6 channels, all in one. Could be, but it's expensive vs alternatives and "only" 6 channels.

- exaSound e28: has it all except the ADC. I bought an e22 to try out in my system and while it sounds good I'm not sure it sounds better than my Audiophilleo + Metrum Octave. The e22 sounds great fed with DSD, rather poor with PCM.

- Metric Halo LIO-8: has it all but not compatible with Windows. Has also been out for a number of years and I wonder if its DAC capabilities are still cutting edge.

- Lynx Hilo: looks good. I'm wishing for 8 channels, though. It seems many users chose it to digitize vinyl rather than because of its DAC capabilities.

- Lynx Aurora: a pro-audio product. How does it sound vs audiophile DACs?

- Prism Sound Titan: a pro-audio product. How does it sound vs audiophile DACs? It's $5k, so not cheap vs the others here.

Any other DACs I should be considering?

If you could provide feedback regarding the units above it would help me a lot.

Thank you!
Grace design m906
dangerous audio
I'd say the exaSound.

If you can stretch your budget, my choice would be the Merging Tech HAPI.
I hope there will be some cheaper 8 channel dac chinese alternative soon.
The exaSound e28.
I also thought the exaSound e28 was promising. So much so I went ahead and purchased an e22 (top of the line, 2-channel). Unfortunately it underwhelmed me sound-wise.

Playing PCM through JRiver, be it 16/44 or 24/192, it did not outperform my Audiophilleo plus Metrum Octave, which are 2 years old and for a combined price of 60% of the e22. When upconverting PCM to DSD with JRiver and into the e22, it didn't sound better than the incumbent setup either, with WS2012 and AudioOptimizer.

It did have a slight edge with HQPlayer used to upconvert. It worked well, but alas, HQPlayer doesn't work with AudiophileOptimizer...and the user interface seems designed for someone sitting on a computer...not for my needs with a headless setup. And upconverting, even in 2-channel, is resource intensive. 8-channels wouldn't be possible. Neither can Acourate work on DSD for that matter.

So exaSound is not a good option for me.

From further reading I kind of concluded the best option, although expensive, is the Prism Titan, followed by the Lynx Hilo. I think I will give the Hilo a shot. I'm having a hard time digesting the idea of letting go of my preamp, though. I guess getting into Acourate room correction and digital crossovers with a Hilo will be my big endeavor for 2015 :-)