45 adapters

I recently had the opportunity to acquire cheap a number of the "old style" 45's with the BIG hole! Some of these are DJ promo copies that have never been played. They sound pretty darn good on my 'Not. I am using a few of the old plastic inserts that I had lying around to fit my spindle. Can anyone recommend a 45 adapter that would be better to use that the plastic inserts without going totally nuts? Or, is this about as good as it gets?
4yanx, I purchased a beautiful spun aluminum one piece adapter that is really nice. See link below:


Scroll about halfway down the page under "45 rpm Adapter"

Hope this works for you, Ed.
Forgot 4yanx, on the KAB homepage, got to "sound acc'ys". Ed.
I also just saw someone on eBay (seller ID = "gl-er") listing hand-machined brass 45 adapters. They looked pretty nice. (I have no affiliation with this person, just happened across the listing the other day and considered getting one myself.)

Joshua - I took a chance and bought one from the person you mention. A very nice product. Heavy, nicely machined. It works great. Highly recommended.
4yanx......could you kindly list a link to the e-bay seller? I couldn't find him with the search function. Thanks!
Alan - I looked too, and the seller (Larry) is not offering any on E-Bay at the present time. The seller's E-Bay name is gl-er and may list more. As it happens, though, I now see that the same seller with a different handle also has them listed right here on Audiogon at the following link:


David, glad to know it worked out. I think I need to get one myself! I'm currently using a Thorens 125/II--with the clever built-in adapter--so it's unnecessary, but am planning to upgrade the 'table soon.