32 bit Sampling rate support on Mcintosh DA2

Hello All,

I am currently using a McIntosh C49 preamp which comes with DA1 DAC. Besides streaming from Tidal, i also play my music collections from the PC via USB input. I’ve decided to go ahead with the DA2 upgrade module because of the higher model ESS Sabre chipset. After the DA2 was installed, i noticed that the Windows’s Sound Control panel only support up to 24 bit sampling rate (DA1 supports up to 32 bit). Perhaps this is due to Windows USB driver support issue ?

May i ask help from those of you who owns McIntosh C2700 or C53 and also uses USB input (these two models originally come with DA2 already) / or anyone who have also upgraded from DA1 to DA2 and using USB input to check if your Windows Sound Control Panel also shows up to 24 bit ? or 32 bit sampling rate ? I have emailed McIntosh support but have not heard back from them.


I have the Mac DA2 module but I do not use a computer through it. Strictly SPDIF. 
I have it, but just run my streamer direct into it.

I know it sounds absolutely fantastic in my C2700.  
Thanks guys, so to double confirm, your Windows Sound Control Panel do show 32-bit sampling available from the drop down ? I need to report to my dealer, must be a software missed during installtion of DA2 for my C49
As I said, I don't use my computer.  I run my McIntosh FM tuner through it.