3/8 thread Spikes...

Hi all,

I need help. from which company / where can I purchase 3/8 inch spikes? Price? From where I am located.. It is very difficult to get them. I need them for my sound anchor speaker stands...

You can get 3/8" spikes from www.soundocity.com. They're 2.125" long and the thread cut is 20... which is the same thread cut that Sound Anchors employs ($14.50 for a set of four).


3/8 by 20 is not a common thread size, coarse is 3/8 by 16 and fine is 3/8 by 24 - all the Soundanchor products I have use the coarse thread 3/8 by 16 for their spikes.

$ 14.50 for a set of four if they come with nuts and washers is a good deal, I think we pay about $50 for a box of 100, so with repackaging handling and all the rest not a bad deal.

Best of luck

Our Sound Anchor stands have a 3/8”-16 thread size on one model and a 1/4”-20 on the other.

If you want to give your stands a big sonic upgrade we would recommend giving Star Sound Audio Points a call. We just purchased B stock end of the year closeouts at a good price and the Audio Points improved sound on all levels as advertised. Hope this helps.
Hi Peter,

I am actually looking for the coarse thread 3/8 by 16 for their spikes.

Where can i find them?

At a higher price point check out 3/8 16 brass Audiopoints.


AP platforms and points have been a significant upgrade for my Merlins and other components.
Hello Clarrie

Send me an email with your address and Ill put 8 with nuts and washers in the mail for you. You can email me form my website pbnaudio dot com


Reviving this thread because I also need 3/8 inch thread speaker spikes for the stands to my Vandersteen 1Cs.

The documentation says they're 1/4 20, but after trying those and finding they were way too small I purchased a few different sizes of carriage bolts at the local hardware store and tried them until I found the right one: 3/8.

These appear to be old Sound Anchor stands, though I can't find any markings on them, and they seem different from any other pair I've seen in pictures. Looks like they weren't stored terribly well and I'll need to sand them down and repaint them.

I've done a lot of searching, and all I can find are 1/4 20 and 6mm. I looked at the sites listed above from a couple years ago, and no luck.

Any advice?
Go to soundocity.com... scroll down and click on the blue bar that says "Just Looking For Spikes or Other Accessories - Click Here"... In the column titled "Audio Accessories Tweaks & Isolation" click on the "Speaker Spikes" tab... scroll down and click on the product titled "Spike Kit Large"... and there you'll find the 3/8-20 treaded 2 1/8" long spikes.
Thank you. Ordered.