3.5mm to RCA cable

It seems that there is no similar thread so i ask it

I would like to buy a 3.5mm to RCA cable to connect between AQ dragonfly DAC and my int/ amp

My budget is < 100USD. I prefer warm sound but neutral is also fine, just not too clinical or bright.

Any suggestions? thanks
A few small adapptors are available for stereo 3.5 mini to female RCA jacks. This is what is the standard IMO for the conenction.
Use a good adaptor and your favorite interconncts.
Zu Mission. Look for them on Zu's eBay store or directly on the Zu Audio website.
mogami has complete wires available at major pro audio retailers such as sweetwater, fullcompas, musiciansfriend etc...
Second the Zu, 3.5mm to RCA IC's. Excellent cable by any measure, and certainly for the $$.