24/96 upsampling DAC under 1000 ???

Any suggestion on 24/96 upsampling and 24/96 DAC under $1000? They need to be in the same unit ???
Thanks !!
Philc, be sure to punch in "dac" in the search feature. There have been some very thorough discussions of this in the last 3 months, or so. Good luck, Charlie.
The MSB Link DAC III has a unsampling add-on that I think is a board that goes inside, so it is still one unit. The Link III list is $399, can be gotten for less. I think the unsampling is another $200 or so. Some one confirm thanks.
used bel canto dac 1 $700- $800, Birdland Odeon $980, EVS millenium dac2 $880