24/192 Wireless Server

Is there a wireless music server capable of delivering 24/192 from my hard drive to my DAC via wi-fi? I am currently using a SB Touch which I understand will only deliver 24/96, and in my current set-up it is not practical to hardwire. I am accumulating a library of 24/192 downloads which already sound good using the Touch, but naturally I'm wondering what I may be missing.
The PS Audio DAC and Bridge will play 24/192 very well. A wireless solution will be available soon and the software has really come around to be pretty stable and will only get better. There is a significant upgrade in the works and is now just available to Perfect Wave MK II.
I wouldn't trade mine!
Naim's latest Uniti series are all capable of 24/192 streaming and have built in DAC's, unless you are madly in love with your present DAC. In addition, you will get streaming internet radio as well. Just an option.
Thanks for your reply. "Madly" in love with my DAC might be a bit strong, but my DAC and transport are Musical Fidelity kW 25DM's so they are kind of married to each other and I was hoping to uncover something along the lines of the SB Touch (but I'm sure for much more $$$) that would essentially just give me a 24/192 conduit.
Thanks again for taking the time to reply.
Should I ASSuME you are referring to the Silent Server? Looks like it might be worth the wait.
Yes. Just use one of Linn's DS players with an AirPort Express so that the AirPort is part of the network and you output the ethernet into the Linn DS and voila...24/192 wireless. Not only that but it is SUPERB!
Airplay downsamples to 16/44, so no hi rez via Apple wifi...