2011 "comeback" records

It seems like a lot of bands "resurrected" this year after a +/- ten year absence. The Cars and The Jayhawks were high profile rock bands that came back with a new release in 2011 and Connie Smith, who was a queen of country music in the '60s, also returned. Less prominently, cult bands like Kid Creole and The Coconuts and The Feelies had new records for the first time in this millenium.

Any others out there? Which do you think were the best of the lot?

The Kills "Blood Pressures"
I think the entire 17 album collection of Pink Floyd was re-mastered and re-issued in 2011.
Hot Tuna- Steady as She Goes
Not as good as some of their classics from the 70's, but still a refreshing surprise.
Gregg Allman's "Low Country Blues"
Peter Gabriel "New Blood"
In the have not heard, but looking forward to category:
Chris Isaak- Beyond the Sun two disc collection of cover songs from the Sun Studio's heyday in the 50's. Isaak will do well with songs by Roy Orbison, Elvis,Johnny Cash, and others.
The Bridge House School 25th anniversary- The Bridge House School was founded by Neil Young's wife and has an annual fund raising concert. This is a 2 disc collection of acoustic performances from the past 25 years including Eddie Vedder, Springsteen, the Who, CSNY, REM, and others. This one has a great deal of potential and the money goes to a good cause.
Richard_stacy - can you tell me a little bit more about the Peter Gabriel "New Blood" release? Is there any Gabriel of the past you could compare it to?
Donjr...You could compare it to Scratch My Back but nothing at all like his older music...sorta. It does have the intensity and passion but it is all orchestra, no guitar or drums, reworking old songs. I was skeptical but it is a really good record. There is a deluxe version that has an instrumental disc and there is also a 24/48 version called Half Blood available to Society Of Sound members (B&W).

I'm a long time fan so maybe biased some but I think it's pretty amazing.
I don't recall if this was 2011 or 2010, but Gang of Four's newest effort is stellar.