2-ch tube + 3 ch solid amp? Is this folly?

I am a new visitor to this site. Very interesting reading. I currently have the following system:

Anthem Integrated One
Marantz CD (7 years old and very basic model)
Allison CD9s
Panasonic DVD/VHS player (progressive scan) (brand new)
Various basic+ interconnects
Basic+ monster speaker cables

(Very simple, I think.) I want to add a HT system. And plan to use the CD9s as main speakers. Also plan to use an Anthem AVM 20 or AVM 2 as pre/pro. Current system will migrate to office with TBD bookshelf speakers.

1. I wonder if anyone has considered/tried using a tube amp to drive the front main speakers and a three-channel amp to run the center and surround in an HT system. (I was thinking Anthem Power 1 or 2 (or even the amp stage of Anthem Integrated 1) and Anthem MCA 3 or MCA 30.) (Having used Anthem for 7 or so years I am a bit loyal.) A local dealer thought that I may hear a delay and that the two amps may not match well. Also, I have heard it said or read that tube amps may not be appropriate for HT. Thoughts?

2. Anyone try using three two-channel tube amps to run a HT system?

3. Should I just drop the nonsense (considerations 1 and 2 above) and just get a good 5-channel amp and retreat to my office to listen to tube music? (I read the thread on 2 channel audio.)

4. Anyone out there try to match up surround/center channel speakers with Allison CD9s? Any suggestions? (I have been thinking used Ohm Walsh 2s for rears.)

Many thanks, in advance, for your suggestions.

I would suggest for the Tube Amp The Music Reference RM-200 as it is a Hybred design,very fast.112 watts RMS per chan.[ramlabs.com]Sounds wonderous for 2 chan.Music and HT in my system.For awhile I used this Amp with SS on 3 channels and it matched fine.However I wanted my HT set up for Music,SACD's and concert DVD's not explosions.Now I have Tube amps and preamps on all channels and am in Music and HT heaven.Routing your mains through a tube pre is popular also.Lots of choices depending on your listening prioritys.SS all around would be best[The Standard] for Movies [Faster amp recovery from action sounds etc. but for me Music and dialog sound better with glowing glass.Enjoy !!
Five of the seven speakers in my HT system are tube driven. The exceptions are the twin sub woofers which are self powered.

I run three mono blocks and two stereo tube amps to achieve this. The sound is wonderful, only negative being double feature nights when the room can begin to heat up.