Little Blue Light - Folly? Yes or no..

The MQA “authentication” light will turn on in your player - with 8 bits missing from the file “the music” !
Is this a sign of a Scam? Thanks
Based upon your other MQA thread I decided to go to a dealer and get a listen for myself.  During the demo I too noticed the blue light, but it wasn't steady, it was flashing.  I ignored it at first, but after awhile I couldn't help but notice the the flashing blue light wasn't a steady flashing, but instead was irregular, yet some how not random.  Half way through DSOTM I realized the flashing blue light was Morse Code!  The message was "Help me".  At this point I started to freak.  Clearly The Music was being held hostage by MQA and needed help.  I made my way back home and quickly unplugged by DAC -- it's non-MQA, but I'm not taking any chances.
The "little blue light" can easily be tricked and therefore is NOT a guarantee of authenticity! As claimed by the proponents of MQA. See FredericV's posts (Feb 20) on the Computer Audiophile site.