16 years of the same system, time for change?

Albeit there have been some insignificant changes the speakers, amp, wires, source have remained the
I am still happy.
Blue Circle NSCS, Shahinian ARC, Cary Xciter DAC, Audirvana software on a MAC mini,
However given I am in the last years am now willing to make one last upgrade. Within reason. No stupid money.
My current considerations ($$$ driven) are Forte IV, Spatial, Bache (I like his design philosophy).
sorry folks. Have no clue how I f’d up. Cannot delete a redundant post. 
I would do it the other way around. Spend as much of your stupid money as you can. Save your gold, silver and bitcoin for when you really need it.
When I am drooling on myself what will it matter? Won’t know anyone. And those who visit will not know.
Will not care. 
Enjoy life NOW! Entirely disagree.
Then you misunderstand. I am with you, spend it now- only spend the fiat not the real money. If you even have any. Few do. 

Anyway, that's what I'm doing. Hang onto the BTC and bullion, spend the fiat on audio and Porsche. Enjoy it while I can.
Treat yourself,  you deserve it.
I love stereo shopping!!

 Can not go to audio shops, inter web shopping, or spend money , and have the enjoyment of the whole experience when your dead in a box, or ash in a vase. 
 Enjoy it now.
not to go crazy, but get something you’ve wanted for a long time. 
 1 life, ......when it’s over,...........