12yr old NAD receiver or new?

My 12yr old NAD receiver recently broke and I am deciding whether it would be better to fix or buy new. i am thinking of buying something simple and inexpensive - like a Sony (gasp) because it has a low distortion ratio and I dont need all of the other inputs. my house is too small, as are my kids, to set up dolby surround and multiple speakers.

i want this mainly for music not dvds. am i better off getting the NAD fixed or is the sony good enough? Or if I want great sound, but don't need all of the additional inputs - what brand/model should I look to buy?

I would be happy to shell out a few hundred more bucks if I thought I was paying for improved quality and not additional inputs I won't use. what do you think?
You could consider something like a Cambridge audio or Rotel integrated amp.
NADs can be a pain to repair--or so my local repairman says. And when you fix something, it's only a matter of time before something else goes.

I didn't think much of Sony's entry-level stereo receiver. I bought my dad an Onkyo, which turned out to be a pretty good unit overall.
NAD 320BEE 50wpc integraged would be perfect. $400 and you are in.
AT 12 years it's probably not worth investing in. The above posters have the best idea. Get an integrated either here or new.
I agree with the above posts. A 12 year old NAD is a nice piece, but the cost of repairing it would be a large percentage of new modern integrated and possibly more than half that of a brand new NAD 320BEE.
Pableson, the authorized repair guy NAD directed to me to in the LA area told me exactly the same thing. He said it was usually a power supply issue.
Like others noted, I hate to see you drop good money into something that old.

This could be a little expensive for you to consider, but NAD came out with a "two channel" Receiver with a built-in DVD/CD player combination unit late last year, its called a L-53.

The unit retails for 600 but can be purchased at a discount, I purchased one from my local authorized dealer and it comes with a two year warranty. I wanted something better than a entry level receiver, but did not want to spend big dollars.

I'm using it in a small back bedroom with a simple two way floorstanding speaker and have a TV/VCR connected for both audio and video switching. Sounds alot better than I expected, has a nice remote control that works my TV and VCR. Like you, I have no interest or the space for surround sound or multi-channel set-ups.

When my friends drop by with the little ones, they can plug video games into the front AV Jacks with no problems and it also has an alarm clock or you can set a time for the unit to shutdown at night. I use that feature often.

I think their is a review with more details at www.enjoythemusic.com
Best of luck!
Most all the receivers on the market today, especially those at Best Buy / Circuit City, are under-built, over-spec'd pieces of shiny plastic. As such, don't believe their power ratings ( NOOOOO WAY ) or their distortion spec's. If it came down to buying a new receiver for $100 - $150 or having a 12 year old NAD fixed for about the same or less money, i would personally fix the NAD. That is, so long as the repairman is both honest and competent and willing to stand behind their work. Sean

PS... While he's in there, tell him to replace the bridge rectifier or diodes in the power supply with something that is "beefier" than the original parts. This might be the problem itself.
NAD's new receiver (C720BEE) based on the 320BEE just came out last month; see product sheet .

Regards, Rich
NAD C320bee used. you won't be sorry. Or simpler and less money the Creek 4330 again used. I think you'd be happy with either.
The new NAD C720BEE is a great receiver for future flexability (A+B speaker outputs, dual zone capability). Plus it sounds good too. If it has extra inputs that you are not going to use you can simply ignor them (that is not where the extra $$$ in the retail price come from by comparison to the el-cheapo Sony).

For a good budget stereo receiver the Onkyo is a big bang for the buck. They are fairly honest about the performance of their gear.
I agree with Sean. However, if you really want something new, I could make a great recommendation.

The Sharp SD-EX111 is a small "all-in-one" executive type unit. It has a tuner and CD player built-in as well as a 2-channel "Digital Amplifier". The unit comes with a multifunction remote too.

The SHARP unit is really good, even considering the $499 MSRP. However, when it was on closeout for $79 at Overstocks.com, it became a true Deal of the Century.

Take a look at this long post on AudioCircle for some incredible comments. I own the unit and I pretty much agree with the folks that posted on AudioCircle.


These units are now sold out at Overstocks.com, but there may be some available somewhere else. I think this unit would still be a good value at more than double the $79 from Overstocks.com.


I would agree with some of the others on this, get the c720bee. The 720 has the c320bee amp which has a proven track record and a tuner..