116v from the wall socket?

I just measured the power coming out of the hospital grade outlets that I use for my system. It only measures 116v. Is this an issue that could affect the sonics of my system?

116 is pretty notmal.
The 'official' voltage is usually 117 volts.
With some places at 120 volts.
116 is not an issue.
you would have to be down to 112 or under to even begin to notice anything, but with only some equipment.Brown outs are when the voltage goes below 106 volts or so (official 'brownout' is below 90% of rated voltage)
Also, the time of day matters a LOT.
My voltage at my last residence swung throughout the day from 115v up to 122 volts or so depending on the time of day, season of the year...
Currently it is less of an issue.
The 116 volts is partiality from the utility, and partially the drop in your house wiring. Also any load on that side of the 240 line coming to your home, will pull it down. Central air will pull it down since it runs on 240, both sides, or phase legs. 114 volts at your service panel is minimum. The grade of outlet has nothing to do with it.

As far as sound goes, it's all dependent on the equipment in your system. Mine drops down that low when it's in the 90s, and everyone has their A/C on. I don't seem to notice any loss of sound quality. I run mostly low power too. If you have inefficient speakers, and a big amp, you may have some power loss. The sound would still depend on the system though.
Mine seems to run high, 127 to 123. The PPP reduces it to 120.
I get from 120 to 125, at least that's what my Furman says. The difference is big. Overvoltage is really bad, the sound is congested.
My input AC varies from 119 to 127.
Thanks for all the input. I'm glad that its not an issue! Cheaper that way =)