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Are Harbeth the only warm and euphonic speakers in town ?
Gershman Monitors.  
What now?
Snell Type A's were so musically pleasing and the way they radiated sound into a room reminded me of dropping a pebble in the center of a pool of water and watching the ripples move out from center. Do a little reading up on some of the current de... 
Old school shootout: Snell A/III vs. Original B&W 801
May have been a design change after Peter Snell passed away, i forget his name I want to say Kevin, but he is the gentleman that went to head up Revel was designing the later iterations of the Snell line of speakers. I remember a Snell model that ... 
Old school shootout: Snell A/III vs. Original B&W 801
I believe the original Type A used a Becker 10" bass driver and possibly in the Type A ll as well but the Type A lll used a 12 inch bass driver in a taller cabinet. I know Peter Snell used room boundary principles gaining a 3-db. boost from the re... 
Old school shootout: Snell A/III vs. Original B&W 801
I managed an Audio store in 1980 and we carried the Snell Line. I ordered the Snell crossover designed for the type A and bi-amped them with a Threshold Stasis ll on bass and the Stasis 3 for the upper midrange and high frequencies. Dialing in tha... 
Favorite song to demo or test drive speakers?
Bryan Ferry - Don’t stop the Dance Roxy Music - Avalon Joni Mitchell - Court and Spark-Supertramp - Even in the Quietest Moments-Cat Stevens- How can I tell You- Eric Clapton - She’s Waiting- The Police - Voices in my Head David Grey - This Year’s... 
Top Ten Speakers of All Time?
So many great sounding loudspeakers and finding that perfect tune. A pair of Infinity RS 4.5 biamped with a couple of Threshold Stasis 2's , room was a perfect fit for those .The song was the Police's "Don't stand so close to me ". that blew my ha... 
Contrara pedestal MK 1, by Jennings research Inc.
Those were great sounding speakers in their day if i have the right model.. maybe 3 to 3 and half feet tall, 1 tweeter and two mid bass drivers and they swiveled.. I cannot recall what they sold for though. long time ago.. late 70's i think.  
It's National "One Hit Wonder" Day!
" Tighter and Tighter "  Alive and Kicking  " Dancing in the Moonlight "  King Harvest   " Life was a Rock but the Radio Rolled Me"  Reunion  
Tune of the Day
Peter Gabriel's " Shock the Monkey"or Fleetwood Mac's " Mystified "   
What is the most FUN pair of speakers you've ever had and why?
Acoustat Monitor 3's  and believe it or not a pair of Kef 104ab's i had a long time ago that were so pleasing to me back then. I ran them with a Hafler DH 100 and the original Hafler Preamp. Monster cable and a Thorens turntable.+ A cheap Grado ca... 
Suggestions for bookshelf speakers that have great dynamics, budget of $500 used.
I have a good friend who owns a pair of  Roger's Studio 1a that are in immaculate condition placed on 14" stands I believe, not positive on that but they  sound pretty fantastic in his room. Still impressive after all these years. A larger bookshe... 
Hey K.....tt, Do you even have speakers??
got it, thanks..  
Hey K.....tt, Do you even have speakers??
i really did not pay that much attention to the post, I ignored owning 50 pairs of speakers, I was mostly curious to know what speakers Kenjit is using these days for his own personal use?  Maybe relevant to the  discussion or maybe not.   
What is best sub to match with Magnepan?
The Rythmik f12 is a fast sub, crossed over at 60/70 hz.. I think with some tuning will  work well. It will also open the Maggies up as the amp driving them , I know impedances can vary and one the reason high current amps seem to gain power in th...