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New Joseph Audio Pulsar Graphene 2
I think people say that about JA Pulsar's because the drivers are available on OEM supply sites like Madisound and it isn't using anything unique that a DIYer can't easily replicate, such as a custom waveguide. 
Revel F208BE vs DynAudio Contour 60
Assuming you mean F228Be...The former is a bit brighter of a speaker. Dynaudio uses a larger tweeter, so it starts beaming earlier and ends up sounding darker in-room. Some people like this effect for music, but for movies it tends to make the sou... 
New Joseph Audio Pulsar Graphene 2
For me the big advantage of crossing over low is the speaker becomes way less height sensitive, and the majority of the sound should seem like its coming from the tweeter. With most retail speakers crossed somewhere around mid 2000s or even up to ... 
New Joseph Audio Pulsar Graphene 2
I see a thread by you about that about a speaker where the woofer covers 400hz and below. Isn’t something like the Kef Reference 1 or TAD ME-1 the closest to that concept in practice--basically a 3-way coaxial? 
New Joseph Audio Pulsar Graphene 2
I find lowered x-o point can really improve driver integration alot. I have a custom speaker that has top of the line Seas drivers (T29D001 tweeter and a new prototype Excel woofer) that had improved imaging noticeably when the crossover point was... 
New Joseph Audio Pulsar Graphene 2
I’m a little confused about the claims of the infinite slope crossover though. According to the stereophile measurements it looks like 1700 hz crossover point with what looks like a normal roll off. It's a relatively low x-o point for a retail pro... 
Did I buy a counterfeit REL T5/i sub??
Like the previous poster mentioned, counterfeits in the audio industry are often built at the same factory as the real thing and sold in the grey market. So in reality the counterfeits often are indistinguishable from the real thing besides some d... 
New updated Dynaudio Confidence line.
The typical "bloom" at 3-5 KHz and narrow dispersion between the large woofer and 1" tweeter in the 1-3K range, basically the same thing the C1 suffered from. (Look at Stereophile horizontal dispersion measurements of the C1). 
New updated Dynaudio Confidence line.
I don't get why they used a waveguide with the towers but not the new Confidence bookshelf. It was on demo during RMAF and definitely had off-axis dispersion issues. 
Incoming ... Joseph Audio Pulsars
I always wondered if you could build your own given they are Seas Excel drivers. IIRC Salk actually has sold speakers with the same drivers in the past.I have a custom speaker with the Seas diamond tweeter and Excel woofers and wonder how they wou... 
Digital Room Correction For Speakers
Minidsp 2 channel units like the DDRC22D or the surround units like the NanoAVR DL are quite easy to use and Dirac Live is currently the most advanced room correction available. 
Technology in speakers....
A pretty good 10 year old ~$15k speaker is the Revel Ultima2 Studio. I'd say these days there are some 10k speakers that are competitive with it, but overall it's still pretty good for its price. 
Dynaudio C4 old stock discounted
Depends on the discount obviously... 
What are the top 3 dream speakers you wanna buy next regardless of price?
Tidal La Assoluta...500k speakers with accuton diamond tweeters and woofers lol.Even the cheaper Tidal Audio Akira with a single 5" diamond woofer has some of the more impressive horizontal dispersion measurements I’ve seen. 
Anyone go from a single HomePod to a pair?
Doesn't a pair of home pods have 14 tweeters? You would think high frequency dispersion wouldn't be an issue.