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After fifty years… amazing. What high end audio can be.
I concur. I have been in the game at a certain level since the early 70s, certainly not in the elite echelon but quality hifi hardware. Just last night I sat down after dinner and listened to 3.5 albums consecutively* and marveled over and over at... 
patricia barber - diana krall - holly cole
Sure, provided Holly Cole does not sing.  
I have found out why new cables and tweaks actually work!
Couldn't wait for April 1st, could you?  
So, I listened to a $1Million Dollar System
I cannot say that I believe that any system is "worth" $1,000,000.00, although I know that it is easily possible for a system to cost that much or more. At some point the law of diminishing returns kicks in, n'est pas?    
What is the Best Sounding Stand Mount Speaker in the world?
There are numerous candidates one could identify as excellent stand mount speakers, but there is no such thing as "best-sounding" because the matter is a subjective one. No two persons' ears/brains are identical and therefore personal perception ... 
NAD M23 Stereo Amplifier: Best Amp Ever Bench Tested?!?
jUNk!!! -angry jerry  
The MoFi Mess and TAS rolling over for them
I used to read TAS back in the 70s when it was literally a pamphlet format with zero ads. It seemed credible to me at the time. Today? Not so much.  
What’s your latest high-end audio purchase?
Second pair of KEF R3 speakers, which I intend to configure as a line array with my existing pair and dual Martin Logan 1100X powered subs with ARC.  
Where did you buy your first audio gear?
House of Stein on Portage Ave. in Winnipeg, 1972. A small Sansui integrated, Dual 1210 TT and some small speakers which forgettable brand I don't recall. Before long I upgraded to some 15" Tannoys and SAE separates at my brother-in-law's urging sh... 
Roger Waters and Graham Nash on The Band.
I concur. There will be another musical ensemble like The Band, truly unique in rock and roll history.  
NAD M23 Stereo Amplifier: Best Amp Ever Bench Tested?!?
Looks very interesting, unlike that Rogue Audio junk :)  
What is the added value of a streamer over a networked dedicated Computer
Paul McGowan (PS Audio) has a recent Youtube video which responds to this very question.  
The new dynamic in speaker pricing
Grand Karma Enigma $1,000,000.00 USD Moon Audio Opulence $1,100,000.00 USD Transmission Audio Ultimate $2,000,000.00 USD Cessaro Horn Acoustics Omega 1 $1,000,000.00 USD Kipnis’ Outer Limits Theater $6,000,000.00 USD Kharma Enigma Veyron 1D $... 
Interesting ASR review of small GR Research speaker kit
True, perhaps ASR blows but 3" woofers? Um no, unless you don't like bass.    
Dynaudio - Made in China vs Denmark
My current made in China KEF R3s are impeccable in every respect. OTOH, my former (made in London) 1979 Tannoy HPD315 coaxial drivers were somewhat shabbily assembled, in particular with a wrinkle in the foam surround of one of the woofers, and u...