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Detachable Head shell or Not?
I prefer removable arm wands to head shells, (I own arms with both).  Nothing against removable head shell, but removable arm wands simplify greatly cartridge setup.  My ET2.5, all I need to do is set the tracking force.  With my VPI JMW, all I ha... 
More news on the Herron Line Stage
Now you need to find a VTPH-2A phono stage. 😁  
Brian Eno's Turntable Design
@lewm  How about Picasso or Dali as TT designers? I’d buy those, even if they didn’t work. I'd be much more interested in an Escher designed table. 😁  
Better Sounding Systems, Objectivists or Subjectivists?
I never really bought into Ayn Rand's philosophy.  
What Record Clamp for LP12?
I owned a table similar to the LP12, a Logic DM-101.  The problem with using a record clamp "sometimes" is that the table is balanced either with or without the clamp.  If you balance it with the clamp, the suspension will be off without it, and v... 
Solid state amp recommendations for Maggies?
Bryston 4b sst2 here driving Maggie 1.7i. It's a wonderful combination.  
Best Phono You've Heard Under $2200
Musical Surroundings nova III and Parasound JC3 jr.  Auditioned both before really streching my budget and getting the Herron VTPH-2A.  I would have been happy with either, but much happier with the Herron.    
Help with B&K 7250 mkii
You will be fine.  Use any two channels you want, the preamp and the speakers won't care 😀  
MC cart recommendation max $2000 for 1200G stock
+1 for Lyra  
Turntable Belt Care—talc or corn starch?
Everyone knows corn starch is for speakers.    
Dustcover Blues
@tvad  You astound me with your powers of deduction.  
Dustcover Blues
@tvad I actually started getting into audio in the latter 70’s. Granted, it was a cheap table/system, but the first time I tried playing a record on my Sanyo rack system, I realized feedback was a problem and never played another record with the... 
Dustcover Blues
anti dust cover crowd  Sorry, but I was totally unaware that there was a "pro dust cover while playing the record" crowd.  I've never met anyone who has done this and I can't recall ever seeing a record playing with a dust cover on.    
Dustcover Blues
How about clear silicon caulking applied to the bottom edge of the dust cover?    
Dustcover Blues
Well, then, maybe you can seal your dustcover in such a way that it acts like a bell jar, and evacuate any air from it before you spin up the record (don't forget the remote control cuing lever).  No air, no feedback.