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Denon or Marantz? Home theater beginner.
I have had a Denon for 10 years and used it on a daily basis. Flawless, high quality build. I strongely recommend it for its quality 
Modern day female jazz recommendations
I recommend Mina Agossi, the NOT wannabee like somebody else. You may want to try the "Simple Things" cd with her vocal interpretations of Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix songs 
heard Melody Gardot?
What I noticed on listening to this CD is that on the first half she sings with quite some vibrato and on the second half see sings with less vibrato.Overall it is an excellent CD, but can become a little boring near the last tracks.Anyone shares ... 
Would You Like to Make Your CD's Sound Better
I use the small 'towels' spectacle lens cleaners to thoroughly clean the surface of the CD. Repeat this before playing and after playing and the sound will be crystal clear imaging 
Budget Speaker Recommendation?
CHeck out the Canton loudspeakers, excellent value for money budget speakers 
Whats your current Reference CD at the moment?
SoulFly 3, some surprises in the sound stages on this one 
Double Albums/CDs, curse or blessing?
Deep Purple Live in Japan are also very fine double CD^s 
Upgrading interconnects, where to start
I do hear major differences when swapping the same cable between cd->pre-amp or pre-amp->amp. Just dont understand, why this highly appreciated cable doesnt work well in my syatem 
Best Remakes Of All Time
Mina Agossi - Voodoo Child & Third StoneSRV - Voodoo ChildJohnny Winter - Highway 61 RevisitedSepultura - Smoke on the Water 
marantz 11s2 sacd player modifications
As a SA11-S2 owner, I can add that you will be very disappointed when expecting a tube sound from the SA11-S2. For a tube sound you test the Raysonic of MF's. 
Where do you buy good CD recordings?
I use itumes (preview) to hear whether I like the music, and use the options of "Buyers used similar music" to find similar music. Then buy new CD's at which is very cheap at the moment.I also use Ebay, but the wholesellers tend to us... 
CARDAS Fans: Golden vs. Neutral vs. Presence?
I recently got very disappointed with a the KS-1121 which makes the sound of my system very high and grand-piano's almost sounded honky tonk pianos and lost all of the timber. SO i put the Cardas Quadlink's back. Now I am hesitating which IC is be... 
Upgrading interconnects, where to start
Ok, what I experienced is that the new interconnect's between CD-player and pre-amp produce high's which were too sharp although the rest seemed to have opened up with more details and a more defined imaging. Now I put them between the pre-amp and... 
Best Rock Albums in 2009, so far
For me the best Rock album of 2009 is DEAD WEATHER HOREHOUND great rock with some light Krautrock, psych acid influences. And especially the first couple of tracks will get the dynamics out of your equipmentHighly Recommended for late 60s, early 7... 
Best female vocals on CD
I agree with Rayhall's comment on Dee Dee Bridgewate's Live at Joshi's. Fantastic vocals, listen to the track were she is trying to imitate a trumpet!Mina Agossi remains still one of my favorites