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Rega P25 cartridge upgrade
I have a Grace F8C, new old stock one that I got from a Grace collector. Either never played them or he only demo-ed them. He was weird guy that just liked to look at the cartridges but I liked the guy for that. I think it would be better than the... 
New Scout 1.1 with hum issues, kind of fixed?
What cartridge are you using? 
Jelco TK-850L review
@noromance I rewired a lot my arms (mostly SME & VPI) arms myself. I used wire all the arms for VPI in the past. If you are interested in a warmer sound, I might have a wire good for it. 
What do you mean you “heard” the turntable
There is a very noticeable difference between tables based on the build quality. If you think about from a practical, logical standpoint, manufacturers make tables from different material. There is no way an aluminum table will sound the same as a... 
Jelco TK-850L review
The Jelco 850L is good arm but the tonearm wire used could have been a little better, especially for an arm over $1000. But everything else about the arm is good. 
Cartridge Upgrade ...AT ART-9?
@ tommypenngotti Email me a few pictures of your cartridge. Or just mail me your cartridge with $10 and I will take a look at it. If it can be done, I will get it back to you within 2 weeks.Like what rauliruegas said, visit my website http://vasn... 
Cartridge Mounting Hardware
If you are interesting in another upgrade, I can upgrade the tonearm wire for a smoother, warm sound. Great for vocals. 
Cartridge Upgrade ...AT ART-9?
I recently repaired an Audio Technica ART-9. It sounded phenomenal. It is not a bad cartridge. 
Need help and advice on a VPI 3D arm
If anyone is having trouble with the 3D tonearm and can't get a replacement, you can contact me or send a PM to me. I might be able to restore it back to the original condition. Please send a pictures of your tonearm. 
VPI Turntable repair
I should be able to fix the tonearm and I know what the common problem is. Just give me a call and send a few pictures. 
Clearaudio Maestro V2 Stylus Replacement?
No, it isn't. It is not removable like the Ortofon 2M's 
Clearaudio Verify - Bah Humbug
If you need that bronze fixed, send me a private message 
No right channel in new cartridge
tochsii This is Steve from VAS. Send your cartridge over to me. I can do the inspection quickly and give you an estimate ASAP. Just email me a few pictures of the connectors on the cartridge and the coil. 
Mispressed Record, Don Mclean Tapestry UAS-5522
Tested on 3 separate systems and played different records on those systems too. They all function correctly. It seems I may have a 16 rpm one. 
VAS (Steven Leung) cartridge repair/retipping service?
If you need anything, just give me a message through my email.