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What are/were the best sounding cheap components you have ever had?
Well, in 1975 I bought a friend's 100 album rock vinyl collection for $10.  Paired with a Shure V15-III.  Great sound for a pittance.  More recently I picked up a Qudelix 5k USB headphone amp/dac/dsp.  Shockingly good for $100.  
NODE as just a streamer / Airplay device
I can recommend the Node2i as an excellent streamer.  I did not think much of the dac and bypassed it, but I understand the newer version has an upgraded dac. I replaced it with a miniDsp SHD Studio because I wanted DiracLive dsp.  That it does, ... 
Newbie seller
Yup.  Done.  Thanks for all the comments.  
Newbie seller
Update:  I've emailed the buyer twice with no response.  I guess its safe to assume that it was delivered.  It didn't occur to me that the USPS tracking would be so screwed up.  Well, thanks to everyone for the comments.  
Newbie seller
To tell you the truth, I don't feel good in this situation.  I've got my money but the buyer is stiffed through no fault of his.  If I refund his money I'm the one getting stiffed.  
This is good Schiit...
There are three black B-stock Yggdrasils for sale on the Schiit web site.  Save $100 or so.  I too and a frugal mid-fi person.  Had a Modi 3/Vali 2 stack for Senn HD650.  I wanted to like it but I did not.  Despite that experience I am still inte... 
Best streamer for a returning audio guy
I, too, went down that path.  Bluesound Node2i is a fine streamer; great user interface app.  I bypassed its dac in favor of the dac in a Cambridge CXA81.  This was a major improvement in SQ.  So, I would recommend the Bluesound as long as you exp... 
Another person going digital and full of questions
@mattchanoff - I followed a similar path recently getting into streaming.  I started with a Node2i (at the recommendation of Bes at Music Direct).  It does have a well-executed user interface and lots of connections.  Works well as a streamer.  Bu... 
Need Recommendations for a pair of Speakers around $1,000
Occasionally Wharfedale Jade 3 stand-mounters come up for sale.  About $800.  Beautiful and great sound quality.  
Looking for an integrated amp to replace my Cayin A-50T
OP, +1 on that Cambridge CXA-81, especially as a back-up.  I've had one for a year and have no complaints at all.  You can probably get one used for under $1000.  
Potential Pair of Great Bookshelf Speakers for Sale!
lanx0003 - Your question is spot-on.  Truth is I very much like the Jade 3's paired with the CXA81.  Only limitation is a certain muddiness or lack of crispness in the 500hz region, especially with piano music.  I'm guessing that is a room acousti... 
Potential Pair of Great Bookshelf Speakers for Sale!
I'm in a similar position.  Currently have Wharfdale Jade 3 bookshelf speakers and have been considering Harbeth P3's.  The Jade 3's are really nice in my small room but the P3's shine in the mid-range female vocals that I prefer.  Is it worth swi... 
Affordable vs. ultra expensive speakers - what's the difference?
ghdprentise - Actually the air-cooled 911s sound very much like the old Beetles, and with good reason.  Provenance. I actually enjoy figuring out and justifying each upgrade in my audio system.  I could just spend a lot of money based on Agon com... 
Eva Cassiday Blew Me Away with her cover of Wayfaring Stranger....
Whoa, she is good!  many thanks for this thread. You might try Hans Theesink. Dutch, now based in Vienna.  Does a great job with blues reinterpretation. Thanks again; I am very much enjoying Eva's music.  
speaker upgrade
The Falcon Acoustics LS3-5a has sensitivity of 83 dB and impedance of 15 ohms.  Can I drive them with a CXA81?