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Any feedback on the new B&W 802D's
Second hand Ive heard a friend is quite pleased and the diamond tweeter is the real deal. 
"Pseudo" balanced interfaces.
Your comment that because a component is pseudo balanced the designer is more concerned about technical performance than marketing features is absurd. Which designer are we talking about, the fine folks at Rotel ? Why would this concerned designer... 
Is a pre/pro considered digtal or analog ?
Also note a Horse is a Horse of course of course unless of course , that Horse of course, is the famours Mr. Ed.Wilbur says keep digital on seperate lines from power amps. 
Strange Dimensions
If its not an amp, I cannot think of anything larger than 20 inches deep, although maybe another A goner can think of one. A consideration should be height ie a Turntable or a higher end CD player may be a top loader. 
Best Tweak???
On the power lines adding more dedicated outlets so you do not have all you digital bunched up on one line. Digital can send noise backwards through the power cord to the dedicated digital outlet ie if you have multiple CD sources {CD recorders , ... 
Good, Neutral, Reasonably Priced Cables?
I beleive Darrylhifi meant maggots as a joke from the infamous magnet thread. Hey aside from the uproar over the religious connotation, putting that aside, did any A goners ever try/feel that theory was useful. And Sean I love your posts because o... 
Listening Fatigue
Electronics and/or improper installation there of. 
y cables, are they dangerous
Honestly Im not sure in this particular application. One issue is will the XLR and RCA outs work simultaneously, my guess would be yes. But the stumbling block is that XLR outputs almost always are at a approx 4db higher output, and this issue wou... 
What's involved in dedicated lines
First thing I would do is make sure you have enough money in your checking account, Then find a qualifed electrician and get an estimate on doing it right. You really can benefit from dedicated lines, it would be tough to reach your zenith without... 
Speaker Wires on Carpet
Get them off the carpet. Period. One way is to buy those little Rubber door jams in a hardware store. Another way is to but elecrical Tape and turn it on its side. You dont want the static nasties of carpeting spreading their venom on your cables . 
y cables, are they dangerous
I take it that you only have one set of pre outs, ie some pre amps have both single ended and XLR's outputs. So presuming you only have one I personaly would not do it simply because I would not want to compromise the output going to Amp #1, by di... 
Power Conditioner Advice
I would put BPT or Audio Magic on the short list. 
Mephisto II, Sim Moon Eclipse How do they compare?
Gator buy the damn Sim Audio, your killing me ! 
sound of jitter
Casablanca III also features Theta¬ís proprietary Jitter Jail circuitry,,,,,,Go Theta ! Jitter Jail , I love it ~! 
Andra II vs. WattPup 7 vs Legacy Focus 20/20
Actually I own Martin Logans and I love them. But a friend of mine owns the Legacy Focus 20/20 , I have heard many of his jazz and blues recordings and kick drums sounded like kick drums, The midrange sounded excellent {although I felt B&W was...