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Steely Dan live last night
One of my all-time favorites. Their use of seasoned studio musicians always impressed. You can tell a Steely Dan composition from the first measure. Glad you got to enjoy them! 
West Chester
I am interested, I hail from Dayton and have been to a few get togethers with the Dayton group and the Cinci group. I used to work in Mason. It has really grown in the last 10 years. Tom 
where to find blank disks for denon dcr-w1500
Great results and terrific sound quality= MA Mitsui Silver Thermal 100 count spindle CD-R80 50 Around .50Ea. 
Scotch? No thanks. Whats the best Vodka.?
CD Repair?
Agree with Roxy54, Get some polishing compound very fine and a buffing wheel you can attach to a drill, Fine cotton only. Avaialable at HD and Lowes etc. Go slow at first on some discs that you can practice on. Keep the wheel moving and do not let... 
STUPIDLY high resolution pure silver interconnects
How much invested in materials and do they require a long burn in to achieve Nirvana? 
Best 5.1 ONLY receiver every made?
Pioneer Elite VSX-59TXi. Check the reviews from 2002 or so. One of the best and most respected AVR's ever made. Many still in use as a pre-amp. I owned the 29, 39, 49 and 59 series during the 90's and up to 2008. Now I own a Pioneer Elite VSX-92TX... 
Divorcing..Splitting the cd collection..
I am sorry to hear about your divorce. You and your wife bought your cd collection with your own earned money I see no problem in ripping half the collection for each other. Once you own it, you own it! I do not believe you intend to share it with... 
How much are your speakers toed in?
Dynaudio Contour 1.4s 27 degrees toe in. 
Blu-Ray movies
Batman Begins, Kung-Fu Panda and Australia all very good with audio and video delights. 
Cincinnati, OH, any audiophiles?
I would be happy to come by on Thursday, see you around 5:00pm. 
centering the human voice
You may also try listening to a radio station like sports- talk or news or a talk show, or commercial. These are generally mixed in stereo and sound will most likely be centered. If you have music you are very familiar with as far as sound placeme... 
oh no, I may have taken out half my system
Glad to hear you got it up and runiing again, I had my fingers crossed for you. I'll bet your pulse rate shot up there for awhile:) 
Cincinnati, OH, any audiophiles?
I would welcome the opportunity to hear a great turntable set up and maybe some of the conrad-johnson tube products. Jazz, classical and female vocals or piano would be nice. I live in Centerville and can bring some wine or other refreshments. 
Bookshelf Speakers with “Big” sound?
I would also take a look at the Dynaudio Focus and Contour series great with all kinds of music and excellent reputation and reviews to boot.