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Audio envy - dang!
@jayctoy Yes, they went back. I am completing my Cerious Matrix loom. 
Audio envy - dang!
My system is solid state and on the analytical side, no tubes. Overall  same tonal structure after another 50 hours. I prefer the Cerious Matrix, same level of detail, but more warmth in the mids  providing a nice balance.Nevertheless for the cost... 
Audio envy - dang!
I added a xlr and a power cord P3 to my system after reading through all the praise.Interconnect between Esoteric CD player and preamp. P3 added after 3 hours to preamp. Compared to the Cerious Matrix the interconnects with <5 hours on them sou... 
Woofer pumping possibly due to tube amp when playing vinyl
As has been said before the KAB rumble filter will fix it without any sound quality loss. I added between 2nd pre out and subs so no effect on highs/mids and the pumping stopped. Bass is actually better and more defined compared to before.  
Synergistic UEF Blue v. Cerious Graphene Matrix Power v. Mad Scientist Audio Nitro Nano
I recently bought the Matrix XLR interconnects. I put them between by Esoteric CD player and the preamp. They did exactly what people report. Quite background, good dynamics and layering of the soundstage, bass increased and is controlled. The sin... 
Female Vocals - Nora Jones new album - Pick Me Off The Floor
I am in the not impressed crowd. The album is not bad, but there is simply nothing new compared to what she produced before. 
Cartridges: Kuzma CAR or Lyra on a 4-Point (11") arm
Looking forward to the comparison. I am running a 4P with the CAR 50 on the Ref 2, but have not had the urge to try a different cartridge on that arm yet.  
Seems like a lot of folks are putting their Primaluna amps for sale...
Just sold my Dialogue pre a couple weeks ago. Simple matter of upgrading. Was fun to play with the different 12au7 tubes. I enjoyed it for the price point. 
I Find Primalunas Ugly. How about You? Is there an alternative?
I own both the PL Dialogue Pre and the HP power amp. The sound is enjoyable for the price point. With all the comments about the LM 518 I really wonder now if I am missing something. Good thing with the PLs is the tube rolling options to fine tune. 
Reston Va.
I am from Ashburn. I am also interested in getting a group going.System: Martin Logan, Odyssey, Audio Research.