Responses from thorman

Help with Bright B&W 802H
I have had a similar problem using Audioquest.Has a tendency to dryness/brightness. I would try a cardas s/cable or if you can move up to the meridian 508/24player(i have currently).this cd player is very analog like in sound! 
Preamp suggestion
I owned threshold amp S/300 for years,worked exceptional with a audio research sp11mark2. A perfect match for around 2000grand> dont be fooled by hype! this preamp is still one great preamp,also with exc.phono stage. 
Gold Dragon Tubes? Still in Business?
I know you can still purchase them. My tube linestage uses golden dragon 12at7.(thor audio) Try e-mailing they should be able to help! 
Meridian 508.24 RCA interconnects.
i have been using with good success audiotruth lapis/3 with vibrapods (6) underneath the chassis