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Audio Research Ref 10 vs 40th Anniversary preamp
It only shows ARC was selling a flawed and veiled Ref 6 before the SE upgrade...And charging you 10k for that « flawed » non SE pre... 
Pass XP-32 vs. Luxman C-900u?
My vote is for the Luxman. Just pop the hood and see inside how it’s made.Pass is very great gear also, very well made, but never has been a preamp master builder . It is known for it’s class A amplifier history.Luxman has a lot more years behind ... 
Luxam C-900u
Luxman will be more refined, transparent and extended.CJ will be more euphonic, warmer. 
Pass labs x260.8 versus xa160.8
Power does not mean sound quality. The devil is in the detail. 
Anything SS sounds better than D'Agostino ?
Boulder. Ayre. Luxman. 
All New ROTEL MICHI GEAR // State-Of-The-Art
I’ve got a McIntosh C47. I m curious if the P5 Michi sounds that much better. You have to use the tone control and boost the treble on the Mac pre as it is tuned to be dark with the tone bypassed. That may just be the difference that was heard in ... 
B&W 804d3 amplifier pairing....(Rotel RB1590?)
My choices would be Bryston 4B3, Luxman M-900u or Simaudio. 
Integrated amp -- Pass Labs vs Luxman vs McIntosh
Ohh the truth came out. You never really compared them head to head in the first place ... »someones house or the dealer »... After the buy, it is then you did a real a to b test in your house setup...Next time please be more specific the first ti... 
Integrated amp -- Pass Labs vs Luxman vs McIntosh
Is it just me but the guy was just saying how the tube ARC GSI75 was so much better than the other integrateds......and the guy just replaced it with a ss Luxman. Ok , I guess some threads are just weirder  than others... 
McIntosh fuse changeout to make better sound
Canadian dollars George, thats chump change in USD. 😉 
suggestion for a SS class AB amp that sounds like a class A ... if such a thing exists
Luxman M-900u is tha best. 150 W. RMS Will make any PassLabs class A amp sound broken...First 12 Watts high bias class A. With most speakers, you never get out of the class A range. 
McIntosh fuse changeout to make better sound
They do make a nice difference. Paid only 39,95$ canadian for mine. Gold plated copper, ceramic body. No need for more.Low cost , easy swap , much better build and contact quality. The upgrade was obvious for me. And yes, sound is improved.I paid ... 
The NAD M33 will cancel your complaints about Class D
Not having my present system, I surely would be looking for an all in one integrated like the Nad M33. Would also be considering the Micromega M-150, and Devialet or Hegel. Linn and Naim also have very nice alike products.Advances in dac technolog... 
spend on the streamer or on the DAC ?
Audio Research or Macintosh?
ARC has been bought by McIntosh years ago. Guess that tells how good ARC was doing with it’s products compared to Mac...