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Gain of Marantz PM-11S1 MC stage
I use a ZYX Airy 2 with it. I have been doing it for simplicity sake. It has proven to work quite well ... I would like a bit more gain but it is both quiet and dynamic. I think the cartridge is .24mv output. (I have also used it with a Pass Xono) 
Best Acoustic Guitar Players Of All Time?
Charlie Byrd 
Marantz SA11s1
I just bought one of them...I assume lack of coverage because it is a major label product. I also acquired the matching Marantz integrated...i have had it for a number of months. I am very, very pleased with the performance....this is coming from ... 
Warped Records
It must be the customers fault for bad quality.When people bought less was because people were stealing music...not that the economy was weak and the industry priced cds at almost $20 a piece.However, they had to price them that high beca... 
Good Semi-automatic Turntables ?
Denon DP-47 
Plasma owners any problems??
Zenith 42". No problem at all. Love it. 
Resistors burned on Sonic Frontiers amp
I have had individual resistors burn out when a power tube goes cherry. 
What Was Thrown Off the Tallahatchie Bridge?
Mids on Infinity Overture 2's
I have Overture 3s. I have used them with various levels of tube equipment and have heard no fault like you are at a loss of words over. They stopped making them because I don't think they were making money on them...brand name dilution because of... 
Can a wall socket dramatically improve sound? Yes
Did you ever remove your initial wall socket...clean it...then reinstall it to compare? 
Calling all Sonic Frontiers "Power" amp users...
I have not changed the tube compliment that is suggested for the amp...I also have the Line 1 used in conjunction with the Power 1. I would like to here anyone's experiences with other tubes....especially the Parts Connexion suggestion of KT-88s. ... 
No Audiophiles in Hollywood
Laura Croft....Tomb Raider....she was spinning vinyl on a Clearaudio table. 
Is table really more importsnt than cartridge?
That is an anecdotal experience unless verified by solid empirical data. What would do it for me is an extreme magnified view of the groove showing damage to the groove reulting from the offending substance. Certainly records must be kept clean...... 
Is table really more importsnt than cartridge?
I don't know the answer...but it would seem obvious that the components must meet some level of solid what they are designed to do. It is clear that people do have their own strong beliefs on these matters. One topic that comes to... 
Cars R OK, but what kind of motorcycle do you have
BMW K1 dark gray 1991