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Avalon Time vs Avalon ISIS ?
I have heard/read the same as bar81 offered.  Although, the Time crossover technology is close to the Isis, the Isis drivers and cabinet are reported to be a realized improvement, especially on orchestrals. I am fairly certain that my listening sp... 
Avalon Time vs Avalon ISIS ?
I have recently gone from the Eidelon Diamonds to the Times. With the additional woofers, the speakers  required extensive experimentation in placement to bring the bass under control.  I also use room treatments.  I have no experience with the Is... 
Best Debut Albums
Thanks for the correction, reubent.  
Best Debut Albums
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young....Deja VuKing Crimson....Court of the Crimson King The SmithsBabe Ruth....First BaseArmageddon BlondieJeff Beck....TruthSade....Diamond LifeGeorge Harrison...All Things Must PassStevie Ray Vaughan....Texas Flood 
Best Debut Albums
Supertramp...Crime of the CenturyThe Cranberries....Everybody Else Is doing it, Why Can't We?Lynyrd Skynyrd....Pronounced....Led Zeppelin QueenPortishead....Dummy Patti Smith....HorsesCarole King....TapestryChicago Transit Authority 
When and how did you, if at all, realize vinyl is better?
I visited Salon One Audio in Wisconsin Rapids in the early nineties.  The owner had a rep from Wadia compare his latest digital d/a and transport to a Versa Dynamics turntable. To me and many others the analog setup well out performed the digital.... 
Think twice before concluding some thing sounds better
Hi Mapman.  I have had similar experiences. Initially, changes may sound like an improvement, but sometimes, especially with gain in high frequency extension, the presentation is more forward and overly bright.  Similarly, with greater emphasis in... 
Any Vandersteen 7 Owners in SFO Bay Area ?
Sorry to high jack this thread, but for those with extensive experience, is the 7 mk 2 a huge leap ahead of the original 7?Also, might the CAT JL-2 tube amp, which is rated a bit above 100 watt, capable of driving the 7's?  Most systems I have see... 
What is going on? No-one buys good stuff priced right.
I have been tempted to replace my Avalons with the latest in speaker development, but the price of an even used pair of, say Raidho, Rockport, Tidal, Vandersteen, YG Acoustics, etc., have reached into the unreachable stratosphere. Even if I was ab... 
What makes an expensive speaker expensive
No Offense intended derrickengineer.  I have heard some expensive speakers in optimal rooms with very pricey ancillary electronics and front ends.  They produced some of the closest to live reproductions I have heard.  A Wilson speaker with master... 
What makes an expensive speaker expensive
Any actual experience, derrickengineer? 
Favorite Female vocals that give you goose bumps
Hi derrick,Sia does have the following on vinyl. 
High Fidelity Cables CT-1designed by Rick Schultz
Benjie, Do keep in mind your circuit breaker is in line to protect the wiring, not the component. You might want to talk to an electrician if using anything larger than 10 gauge wiring. 
Help wanted: Bass! may prove cogent  
SS Amp for Avalons
The CAT amp may have all the power and finesse, depending on room size and music preference.  I heard Ascents driven by Gryphon amp.  It was unforgettably good.  I have found the Diamonds to be revealing, requiring careful component and cable matc...