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WAF Speaker suggestions
If you can stretch your budget a fraction, get a pair of Tidal Akiras and tell the missus you’ve bought her a pair of 20 carat pure diamond midrange units to wear to any parties you may contemplate going to🤪 
Dunlavy resurrection?
If you do resurrect, please please please put a tweeter in them that was actually designed to be used with a first order crossover. I had a pair of scvVI’s , huge monsters that weighed around 500lb each, that blew tweeters like there was no tomorr... 
If you still spin CD's their is a reference level Transport for reasonable money
The cdt2mk3 is listed as $4980 as you suggest, and has a rather poor 12 month warranty, would’ve expected at least 3yrs for the price 
My system has its power amps upstairs in a ventilated cupboard, they are the matching amps for ATC active 300scm, necessary due to noisy cooling fans. They are connected to my preamp with approx 15m  of studio balanced interconnects, then the amps... 
Your thoughts about ATC loudspeakers
I’ve happily lived with a pair of ATC scm300A towers for the last 12 years. There really is nothing like a pair of large active speakers in a large room, able to crank up the volume to over 110db at the listening position 20ft from the speakers. T...