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Preamp has too much gain
In-between the pre and power amplifier, insert another passive preamp ( without power), that let you adjust anytime in the future.    
Can anyone explain what a power tube does inside an amplifier, eg kt88.
Signal enlarge through the air in the power by the electrical pressure.  
Would you upgrade preamp or power amp first ?
Always upgrade the weakness first.  From dac to pre, to power amplifier and then speaker, You can imagine it is a 4 parts of highway, if one part is most narrow, traffic jam will be there,and what you need do is to widen that part of highway.  
Any Nagra Classic Amp or Classic Preamp owners out there willing to share their feedback
I have the different idea, you can keep audio research power amplifier and swap out audio research ref 6se. For me, that is a good plan finally. For you, you can just listen several days to see if you are satisfied with the combo. Most of them, a... 
Audio Research reference amplifiers used with RCA IC`s and unbalanced preamplifiers
I have same experience, never use the special care or transformer , doesn't matter it is powered or non power transformer,they won't bring the same quality sound. The only choice is that you bring the same xlr,or same RCA with both pre and power ... 
new preamp
@gdnrbob  Could you tell us more about MA-1? Have you compare with Audio research power amplifier?  
new preamp
Noted with thanks.  
new preamp
@gdnrbob  which power amplifier  working for the mp-1?  
Simple question, probably stupid
+1. Larryi  
Amp vs Preamp which is more important?
The sound signal is your car and pre amplifier and amplifier are two part of highway. We will experience traffic problems when  lane numbers shrinked, that happens with the signal. It could be that the pre is more important, it could be that the a... 
user poll on seperates vs integrated
Music lover who went integrated amplifier, finally go to enter the separated amplifier, as the play period is way longer than  we think when we start. So to save money,go separated at first step.  
Audio Research in Receivership.
Business is business, brand is brand,and owner is owner. As long as the brand is on the market, it is ok for most of us. The word " Dead"  at this moment is really their opinions and I don't agree with.  
Audio Research in Receivership.
Audio Research make a very good sound,the problem is on its sales channel.  They go the dealers and make the final sale price very high,way higher than the factory price. Look at Tesla cars! The cars must be complicated than the amplifier,as the ... 
Tube amps - what 3 things…
OP's  question is very good question, and it should go with any speakers. Don't limit the range of speakers when we reply the questions. Here is my answer if you want to have a good setup. 1, tube power amplifier 2, tube crossover in the speake... 
Which ARC ref linestage to try: Ref3, Ref5, Ref5SE? HATE forward sounding systems
Don't go audio research equipment if you love CJ sound, the difference in between those two brand is that much. I am long audio research user,but I think CJ give us the right sound.