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You ended up with Ayre, what are your speakers?
Bought Ayre k-5 se used for a while , the sound is airy and high sound is very strong. I am feeling good at first five minutes and I can not stand over 2 hours listening. As you know, my standard is that you are listening continuously 8 hours an... 
When is the golden age of high-end audio?
One of my friends who is audiophiles told me the time before Atomic bomb put in test all around the world , the materials is different from thatafter. Why we need choose NOS tube before 50’ , it is the reason. He is very much sure about it althoug... 
When is the golden age of high-end audio?
I believe point to point soldering iron in tube amplifiers  is the right way to go.  
My first tube integrated: which one to get?
If you are new with tube amplifier,I suggest not to buy new,buy a used one instead. In case you do not like,you can resale without big loss. This one is really good in my opinion,look: it is not expensive,but the sound is very good in my view. ... 
Why do Tube Amps sound more romantic v SS amps
Agree with @jtgofish  Tube and SS are very different in amplifier way, so that let us understand the sound is that different.  For me, I either go SS or go tube. I do not want to mix different things together in one system. I feel so happy wit... 
Which preamp to go with pass labs x150.8
@jerryg123  Yes!  There are a lot on the market, you just choose it. However, I do not say we can not make that combo and listen. I am asking the best sound you can get from the system, which  definitely not Tube pre +SS power.      simply tell m... 
Solid state to tube
Me too, I listen with Audio research VT100 almost everyday and the sound is just different from REF 75SE. TUBE 150 get the different  sound and I prefer the old sound from old machine.    
Tannoy arden legacy
I used to have that speaker. Audio research vs60 will work well.    
Which preamp to go with pass labs x150.8
Audio research old model amplifier is not expensive compared with pass amplifier. I do not suggest a tube preamp with any SS amplifier,as it is not a good match.      
When someone tells you it's a $40,000 amp, does it sound better?
Magic things in hifi field is that money is not always the solution. In most of time, your experience is more important and you know how it will be in the match within different equipments. I know a lot of people with no very expensive hifi set a... 
My last Integrated Amp: $5-10,000?
I agreed with @ghdprentice , besides the price, these different amplifier sound very differently.which sound you like? we do not know and you do not can't purchase with blind eye. You got come to the dealer and demo listen your favorite m... 
Rogue Audio and Audio Research Comparisons
@skucie         Thanks for the comments.    
For classical music lovers best amp for large orchestral forces?
@ghdprentice . Great. Happy listening.        
For classical music lovers best amp for large orchestral forces?
@ghdprentice  Good to know you upgrade from 160s to 160m now. is that big improvement?  
Is an unbalanced preamp a bad thing?
@ghdprentice            Yes!  You are understandable guy! The design of the amplifier is the core.