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Who and what are BEL/Bell Labs amplifiers
Unfortunately, Dick Brown passed away this week. This from a long-time dealer of his who has known him well for years. 
Help contacting BEL re: 1001
Sadly, according to one of his oldest/largest dealers who knows him well, Dick Brown died within the last couple of days. For the past several months he had not felt well enough to do much work.A former Recon. Marine, Dick was a unique individual ... 
Designer Hall of Fame
Richard Brown of Brown Electronic Labs, manufacturer of one product, the well-regarded BEL 1001 ss stereo (or briged mono) amp.Unfortunately, Dick died within the last couple of days. 
Transporter vs Linn DS players
Following from a 35+ yr. two-channel music lover (not tweaker):Yesterday I auditioned all Linn DS units at same time in the same system and you get plenty of what you pay for as you go up the line. You just decide how much you can shell out. You'r... 
Review: Valve Amplification Company VAC PHI BETA Integrated 110 Tube amp
Or save $12.5K and buy their very capable Avatar Super...also KT88 driven, also w/ plenty of what the Phi delivers. 
Opinions on Music Angel or Pacific Creek Tube Int.
What does the system into which you'll be dropping a tube integrated consist of? 
Spend my $8,000 pt. 2
Trust your head's still spinning from all the gear combos sent your way, plus your concern over tube reliability. If you can "stand the truth" (not offered in an arrogant way) following comments are driven by:1.Over 30 yrs of listening and us... 
Suggestions for the best SS amp for Tympani 4a's
Scifi, if you happen to check back here, give Mikej's BEL 1001 mkV (or a pair of used mk IVs) serious consideration. I switched from a Bryston 4BNRB to a BEL 1001 mk IV and was very pleased. The mk V is a big improvement. I know of very few ss amp... 
Best Floorstander Under 10K?
It would be interesting, perhaps astounding, to know a mfrs'. costs of drivers, x'overs and cabinets for some respected high end speakers in the, say, $20-40K/pair range. I realize there's more than component costs involved.Which mfrs. have the hi... 
sonus faber grand piano home
hoppah, sorry for the tardy reply. I always suggest buying the most musical sounding source you can afford and use whatever ICs you have until you can afford better ones. If the source is average, or below, you will be painfully aware of its short... 
High End Audio Dealers
Since you're considering integrateds, suggest you include tubed integrateds from VAC and Audiomat (see mfr's. sites for dealers). They are very well built, will drive most speakers with ease and, most importantly, are musical.Good luck! 
What makes a speaker perform well at low volume?
Be especially careful when demoing horn-loaded speakers. They are usually dynamic and may sound exciting at first but many horn owners complain of listener fatigue over time due to their "in your face" response. You need a speaker that doesn't sho... 
sonus faber grand piano home
Given your great Audiomat amp, and if you want a CDP that will satisfy for more than 5 years, suggest you consider a Vecteur L-4.2 which retails for USD4,950. It and Audiomat integrateds are a match made in heaven and they're built like a Rolex (b... 
What makes a speaker perform well at low volume?
My experience indicates that more efficient efficient speakers usually "perform well" i.e, deliver music and detail at lower volumes. 
iBook to pre wireless hookup
Sfar, thanks for the Airport Express info. Today I visited the local Apple Store and they said the Airport Express would only handle iTunes output, not streaming audio over the Net (don't recall but I think they also said CD-source audio would not...