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Best Floorstander Under 10K?
Dodgealum, if the Vandy Model 5s are too big, then wouldn't the Response 3.8s or D38s be also?Re WB Curves: from, excuse the source, HiFi Choice: "However, the Curve is also leaner than the ACT through the broad midband, 150-600Hz, so that a 700Hz... 
Best Floorstander Under 10K?
Dodgealum, not knowing what music genres or part(s) of the audio spectrum you favor, I suggest the following two current models for MUSICALITY, accuracy, balance and long-term enjoyment with your ARC system:"Equation 25" ( 
Best tracks to "show off" your system
Willie Nelson, accompanied (amazingly) by the Beach Boys on "The Warmth of the Sun" from Beach Boys & Various Artists, Stars and Stripes Vol. 1 (River North Nashville 1996) is a high-quality and emotive rendition...especially if you grew up li... 
Vecteur I-6.2 Integrated ?
It's a MK 2. 
Speakers to hang on to for LIFE
I'll second the Offrande; however, Fab Audio's Stonehenge floorstanders are more accurate, neutral and have all of the imaging (especially image size), soundstaging and non-audiophile detail. And they are very efficient. Build quality is first class. 
Vecteur I-6.2 Integrated ?
Prelude Ref. owners who are in love with them: Try a VAC Avatar Super (integrated) and fall in love all over again. And it includes a very sweet phono stage. I have have relegated the Prelude to my second system. For a sweet CDP, try Vecteur's L-4.2. 
I need a quiet tube amp
Tomryan, my new VAC Avatar Super is very quiet, even in Phono mode, with efficient speakers (Fab Audio "Stonehenges"). I recall someone running one with, I think, 2.5s and being very pleased. While researching amps, I noted comments about KT88s la...